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    I just got the carbon fiber Porper Clip from D&D, and I put a box of bee stingers in it, and I can't get the damn box out! I know E! cards have a problem with Porper clips, but I thought Bee Stingers would be perfectly fine. I've already screwed up the corners of the box pretty good, but if I can get the box out of the clip without damaging them further I would appreciate some tips, thanks.
  2. You can try putting a butter knife inside the clip and pry it open. Next time you have to take the jokers out in order for the deck to nicely fit in.
  3. This is the easiest way to get them out, it's all about leverage. Like projoke says, you have to take the jokers out of some decks.
  4. I guess I'm a dork when it comes to wanting and using card clips. When the deck goes bad I just pitch the suckers and open a new pack. I do understand the benefits and such, however for the price of a clip I can buy 2 bricks of bikes at SAMs.
  5. I echo what has been said before. Use a butter knife or something similar to get things started, and then take out your extra cards. Some clips are just a tiny bit tighter. Some decks are slightly thicker. You can never tell till you try it. It sucks, but there is not much else you can do once you get a deck stuck.

    For future reference, you will need to figure out how much is too much for your clip. You will learn as you experiment how tight your deck can be in the clip without getting stuck.

    Roll with the punches.

  6. I ended up just now getting them out. I used a really skinny mailbox key to pry them out. The box is damaged a bit, but not too badly. What ended up doing me in was leaving the Theory11 ad card in the stingers, and also the double backer. It was a brand new pack, and first time using a Porper clip, and I didn't realize It wouldn't hold. Now I know to take the ad card and double backer out of the box. Now it fits great! and I can actually get the cards out! Loving the Porper clip now, and the look of the carbon fiber clip. Thanks everyone for your input. Also, to Rick...Why are you buying Kentucky made Bikes at SAMS Club? Don't you work for theory11? I would have thought you would be using at least Titanium Bikes, or White Centurions, or Stingers, you know something with more pizazz! Thanks again everyone.

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