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Peter Turner and Daniel Garcia product confusion... please advise!

Dec 28, 2018
Hello everyone,

This is my first post. And so first I want to thank everyone; I just started my magic journey a little over a year ago and I have learned so much from all of you. It has been a blast! But I digress...

As my curiosity and learning has taken me down the rabbit hole I have been introduced to two magicians in particular. Both of which have products that have (it seems) too similar of content creating confusion about what to purchase. I was hoping to get specific about which products and get anyone with direct experience to offer their opinion.

I have really enjoyed mentalism and am wanting to get into it much more deeply and understand deeper principles of mentalism. This has led me to many resourcesl; Once of which is Peter Turner. I have come across a few of his products ("How to Read Minds", "How to Control Minds", and his 10 book set). I am eager to learn a lot about mentalism and am willing to invest a significant chunk in order to learn. I would consider buying all 3 of them... But I find myself wondering how similar (or repetitive) these products are. In my research, I have seen contradictory information and accounts; for example, one comment I saw said that everything in "How to Read Minds" and "How to Control Minds" was in the 10 book set and then some. I know all comments aren't created equal so here I am. Just don't want to waste money.

The second would be Daniel Garcia. I am a big fan. Bought his Mint Box (and loved it), but found his instruction lacking on his "perpendicular change" or his "perpendicular project"; to boot, I can find NOTHING on google about either one other than references in various forums, but nothing of substance. He does reference his "Garcia Project" too, but I can't find any reference to the perpendicular change in the product descriptions there either. So any help in where I can find something more on his "perpendicular change" would be great.

In addition to this research on the perpendicular change, I became interested in purchasing his entire "Garcia Project" volumes 1-6, but them came across his Master Class. But now I am in the same delima between these products, wondering which is best and/or if there is repetition. If there is some repetition, that would be fine... Just don't want to be buying a mostly rebranded product.

Again, any advice from folks with direct knowledge of these products would be great (ideally with a link or something where I could find a list of effects)!


Dec 1, 2012
Peter Turner is fantastic, but a lot of his magic is for groups of people and requires instant stooging and pre-show work - i'd hold off on buying some of his more advanced stuff until you have a feel for him. Certainly start with How to Read Minds and consume all of that FIRST before you make additional purchases. You need to crawl - before you can run.



Elite Member
Jun 22, 2021

In my experience, the Peter Turner "How to Read Minds" is a great place to start. There is a path to learn some basic and even more advanced mentalism "tools" and you can put some of it to work right away.

Best regards,
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