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  1. So I recently picked up Peter Turners Vol.1 of 12 and I've run into a little issue. I've been trying to force the Jack of Spades all week and haven't hit once. I recognise its a little harder to force than the Seven of Hearts but after a week and about 30 different people I think I would at least get them to think of a jack once right? If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I haven't read that one, because I'm not really into psych forces, but I can tell you in general terms that trying to psychologically force things is down to the verbiage, delivery, cadence, etc. It's probably something you're saying.

    Are you noticing a consistent answer from people in any particular area?

  3. Well I can normally get a face card but they cycle between the king of spades and king of hearts as well as the queens. Oddly enough though most of the time guys think of red queens witch I read is oposite of what most men do. Anyway thanks for the advice I’ll work on my wording.
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