Phone appearance from air

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Raghav, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Recently saw a product in this site of Phone Vanish by Blake Vogt and Dan White, is there a product out there also involving phone appearance, like this ?,
  2. I think what Chris did in that video was purely for the camera and cannot be bought anywhere. I think he created/co-created that trick just for Skype's instagram
  3. It legit says in the caption:
    "Also: no camera tricks were used here. The illusions I create are all practical and can be performed in real life! #SkypeTogether #Magic"
    However, the move would end up being pretty angle sensitive I'm sure. Though it does say practical...
  4. Yes, I agree, it would be angle sensitive, and it could be practical in real life I suppose. I think the spectator would have to be standing exactly where the camera is for the effect.
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  5. Yup. It is probably practical as a stage illusion.

    I doubt it is marketed due to the angles, but you never know.

    P.S. Your cat looks so cute in the picture xD

    Dang-it, now I have to go eat a bowl of nails WITHOUT MILK to regain any masculinity.
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  6. Yes, I agree also. My cat is called Tiger. He is very cute! xD
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  7. thank you
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  8. Helemanistike slow for Calcium D. Said idea for fools that think about it. Aka, the thing doesn't work unless you're him.
  9. Which makes it impractical. Seriously, man. I don't even know are you talking about Angel ? There doesn't have to be a receiver in his ear to hear which car is chosen right?
  10. Bro.... What the hell are you saying XD
    I don't understand at all.

    Wrong thread maybe?
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  11. beating me to it yet again Maaz...
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