Photokinesis and Imposter

Apr 11, 2012
Hey guys. I have now decided to ask what you think of the effects I have came up with a few months back called Imposter and Photokinesis. Tell me what you think!

A random card is selected and lost into the deck. The jokers are then displayed and the card jumps in between them. But it's not enough. The magician pulls out his phone and displays a picture of two face down cards. He then rubs the image and the spectators card is now between the face down cards in the image. I also teach one other effect like it as a bonus that I will not detail.

A deck of cards is displayed along with two different color cards. The different color cards are jokers. The two cards are lost into the deck and the deck is cut several times. The spectator then chooses a card and it is placed back in the deck. The magician spreads through the cards to see that the two other color cards have surrounded one card. The card is shown to be the spectators card. the different cards are then flipped over to show that they have actually changed into the same number or letter card but are the opposite color. The deck is then shown to have no more different color cards.

These are the effects. Please leave your suggestions and feedback on them and I will be sure to check often. Thanks
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