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  1. Hey,
    I have really thought on this subject and I just can't find a trick. I want a trick where you have a card selected and lose it in the deck without controlling it at all. Meaning no false cuts, double lifts, palming, pinky breaks, etc. Then it has a kicker ending where you find their card!
  2. A Key Card principle?
  3. Nope completely lost and have the deck shuffled by the spectator.
  4. yeah im guessing a key card or fan control if you do not have it.
  5. Spit double. Crimp. Marked card. Etc.
  6. I am talking no crimps! No nothing! Nothing at all! You have really lost the card!!!!!
  7. im with ben, crimp is your best bet. that way you dont even have to spread through and look at the cards, just cut right too it. and the spectator can shuffle
  8. the ability to stop time? or really really lucky. i mean really lucky. or have an entire deck of the same card have them pick a card and turn the top card over and it is their card!
  9. So there isn't one trick like I am describing?
  10. Well, as stated before, you could use a crimp and a marked deck. But, also, what about a force card? That's a really simple way to do it.

    You could make it impressive by making it more dramatic. You force the card on them, they put the card in the deck and completely shuffle it. Then they hand you the deck, you spread it on the table face-up and then hover your hand over the card. After passing over theirs several times, stop at it and pull it out. How's that?

  11. the easiest answer to your problems that would fulfill everything you said is a force, and then skim the cards upside down to show them whatever you want as " distraction" and just cull it I guess.

    EDIT : Tyler beat me!
  12. Well, if you've really lost it then it logically follows that you wouldn't be able to find it.

    Case closed.
  13. Tapered (stripper) deck.
  14. True, though it wouldn't hold up to certain shuffles.
  15. a force or somthing like a dup
  16. I second that
  17. one way forcing deck.

    Mission accomplished :D
  18. OR, make your spectator stand so there is a mirror behind him, or a window, or give him sunglasses... anything that can give you a reflection of his card while looking at it...
  19. What if spectator shuffles face up? :D
  20. I guess you have a point even though he didn't say anything about the specator shuffling

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