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Pick Trick Delay & The Cutting Edge

Jun 14, 2012
Hey guy's im sorry to inform you that im having some trouble with pick trick pretaing to the form of the vanish, but i did promise a release to the wire so in the coming days expect something id like to call "The Cutting Edge". The Cutting Edge is my attempt of cardistry, the cardistry you will learn is 3 diffrent cuts, two of them false. The cuts are very simple and you can probably get ahold of them quite easily due to the fact that they are slight variation's of others cuts, everyone is givin credit for there work and as a bonus with the download i will include a one card flourishe, along with this i provide cariations and tips with verbal walkthrough and follow along on every cut. I do apoligize if the explanation's take too long but i want to make sure i cover everything. Below is a list of the moves and a short description.

Gunslinger- An arieal take on the classic kalushes cut.
Fase Thumb Cut- this cut combines too cuts, the charlier and the thumb cut for a false cut.
Viper cut- A take on Bone Ho's Cobra Cut but this one is 100% easier.
PCP- pcp is a one card flourishe that is just like it's name, short and sweet.

*NOTE* I wont teach the kalushes cut, the thumb cut or the charlier cut in extreme detail, i will only breifly cover them so if you get this make sure you are aware of these cuts.
Jan 6, 2015
For some reason the top charts on the wire havent changed in a week they are still in this order why?
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