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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by BrianKilledYou, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Well, my brother is going to make me a signature with Photoshop because he is really good at that kind of stuff.
    Does anyone have any pictures of decks of cards? Just a plain deck of cards like a Jerry's Nugget From a side view? Or something like a Guardian deck in the box or something? I'm just looking for something related to that.

    If you reply with anything the best format would probably be from Google, because it is very easy to transfer into Photoshop.

  2. Well, I doubt it's what you're looking for, but here is an image of the Jerry's Nuggets. Also, I found 2 fairly good pictures of Guardians here
    and here.
    Hope that helps,


    P.S. I also found a pretty good image of a brown Wynn deck
  3. Okay Great thanks!
  4. lee ashers myspace has a good one...

    click me fool..

    god ive always wanted to make one of those... ^^^ only just learnt how... :D

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