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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Irving, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Hi guys!

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend any source on learning a technique for stacking a double duke with an overhand shuffle. Especially for texas holdem.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. I would cull the cards under the face up deck, and either:
    1. Use Tamariz's Perpindicular Control to palm them away
    2. Or use Gambler's cop to palm them away.
    Overhand shuffle?
    I find culling a lot easier. Although I guess it's kind of suspicious.
  3. That won't do.. Palming is okay in magic were there is lots of misdirection, gestures, jokes. But as for cheating - well, i don't have enough nerve for that. :)

    I'm looking for some kind of algorithm like 'erdnase system of stacking', but for double duke and with an overhand.

    But thanks for the reply anyway. :)
  4. Here's an idea: Don't cheat at poker!! :mad::eek::mad::confused:
  5. Wha's wrong with the Erdenase System?
  6. Are you against gambling demonstrations too?

    Is it suitable for double duke? =/
  7. Not suitable, this is a different thing.

    PMed you man.
  8. Which 'man' did you PM? I didn't get anything. :)

    upd. Gosh, got it in a second after posting this. :) Thanks for your reply.
  9. I just did :p
    EDIT: No problem.
  10. Nope, not at all.
  11. A cull and a little ingenuity with a standard overhand could easily be used to stack.

  12. I would endeavour to learn riffle stacking.

    Pays off dividends.
  13. Could you recommend some dvds or books on riffle stacking?
  14. If you definitely want to use an overhand shuffle then you can't really go wrong with Erdnase's system. However, regarding riffle stacking, the best sources are Karl Fulves riffle shuffle manuscripts, which are, unfortunately very difficult to find. While you're trying to track them down, a good starting place would be Jeff Wessmiller's Weapons of the Card Shark Volume 1 DVD.
  15. I think this DVD is waste of money. I respect Jeff's skill, but the stacking chapter should've been "how stacking should NOT look like" instead of actually teaching.

    In other words, the demonstrations are very poor, especially in stacking and shifts.

  16. If you want to learn some cheating sleights... just to warn you it's a lot more difficult than card magic/tricks. You have to be really dedicated in the thing to actually improve. I myself... don't have that and it's not doing as good as it was when I first started card tricks. So be prepared for more practice and dedication and more spending on money since all the great stuff are spread around in other sources and the goodies are quite costly.

    Good luck.
  17. I absolutely agree that you shouldn't take Jeff's performance as the apex of stacking skill, but riffle stacking sources are scarce, and I think that this is a good starting point for someone with no experience in this area whatsoever.
  18. riffle stacking is the real deal, worth every single years you will spend learning it but if you do gambling demonstrations my advice would be to just pre-stack that bad boy and false shuffle it.
  19. Yeah, but where to learn it from? Where to learn riffle stacking?
  20. Karl Fulve's faro and riffle technique (hard to find) or you can learn it by yourself. Both ways will take you years, but it worths it :D

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