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  1. Hello everyone,

    I starter out magic 2 months ago and I am learning the pinky count at the moment. I Fins it a lot more comfortable to do thuis in dealers grip is it ok to do it this way of should i learn it the normal way ?

    Greetings and thanks in advance
  2. Im sorry, I guess I learned it wrong. In what grip is it supposed to be done?

    Anyways, something Richard Kaufman said on his Basic Card Technique Video/DVD comes to mind: "...Each person must do their magic differently, each person's fingers are differently shaped and have different sizes the palms of the hands, the muscles, the tendons. ... You must find a way that works for you."
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  3. Hello , thank you for the response. It is supposed to be in mechanics grip but I hold my index finger on the right side of the deck (I do the pinky count with my left hand.)
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  4. The pinky count is very difficult for some people and is a "weird" finger movement when first learning it. Some magicians use the tip of their pinky up by the nail and others actually use the little pad of skin a bit lower. Just find what works best for you. Also, you can be pinky counting cards in a very relaxed position with the deck at your side and no heat on you. Just food for thought.
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  5. Are you right handed?
  6. Wait a second...
    I am right handed and I do the pinky count with my left hand, which brings me to the same place you are.
    The thing is...
    What, is the difference, between a dealer's grip and a mechanic's grip?
  7. The name from what I could gather. The hand you use just depends on your handedness.
  8. IMO it's the only way a pinky count should be done. I see so many magicians put focus onto the deck and then start pinky counting and it just looks like something weird is going on. Why you gripping that deck so tightly?? lol
  9. The naturalness will come later. First focus on the move itself.

    After you get the overview of how the move is SUPPOSED to look, it'll be easy to become natural.
    Also, if you did not already do this, check out 52 Kards video on it on You Tube. That's where I learnt it from. Asad is the BEST sleight of hand teacher on You Tube (as far as I am the judge).

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