Pinky Count troubles

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  1. So.. I have been practicing the pinky count and I pretty much have the hang of it... but... my count is slow. Will this just become quicker with time? I find if I try count quicker I land up getting an extra card or so.

    Is this just a matter of practice? I am very new to practicing this sleight, only about 2 days now....

    Thanks a lot.
  2. The pinky count happens on the "off" beat as your hand drops down to your side in a relaxed position as you look at the spectator and converse. This will also take the heat off of you and your hands.
  3. It will also take a lot of practice. I keep a deck in the car, and while I'm in traffic I practice the pinky count. Eventually, you just build up the muscle in your hand that makes it easier. Then challenge yourself to pinky count a certain number of cards as quickly as possible.
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  5. I should have put a disclaimer to not do as I do xD It can be a distraction, but I mostly do it in standstill in traffic. Still. Don't distract yourself while driving.
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  6. Due to this forum not allowing revelations, I've private messaged you with another way of doing this.

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