Pinnacle - Russ Niedzwiecki

Dec 5, 2008
hey guys this is my very first reveiw so bear with me :p

Pinnacle ( The Crown Jewel of Impromptu Rubber Band Effects - Russ Niedzwiecki


A borrowed object ( Finger Ring)
An everyday item (rubber band)

Two of the strongest components of a powerfully magical experiencen combine in this four-phase presentation, whereby a rubber band penetrates on and off a finger ring - one strand at a time! best part is... its completely IMPROPMTU!


First Thoughts - When i first saw this effect i was completely blown away. Its extremely visual and convincing.

DVD - The sections were organised from the introduction through the 4 phases and includes alternate handlings as well. He goes through all the nessecary sleights, equipment and all that stuff.

Difficulty - I would say its somewhere in between 7 and 8 ish. It takes ALOT of practice but the results are worth it.

Teaching - The teaching is taught pretty well. Russ goes through in full detail as to what you need to do etc.

Final Thoughts - Overall this dvd is worth it if you are willing to put the effort into practicing it, over and over again ( well that goes for most magic effects)
I was very happy to find 2 high quality elestics inside the DVD.( They are pure AWESOME!) Along those lines i would highly suggest this to ANYONE who wants to add a stunningly, visual effect to their arsenal.

Out of a possible 10 it gets a ........................ 8.5/10
May 10, 2009
i have this dvd too. it takes alot of practice but is very very very good. i only had problems with the bonus effect as people will want to touch it. but overall, its one of the coolest improptu trick.
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