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Pirate Playing Cards

Jun 7, 2008
DC area
Pirate Playing cards

I recently went to a magic convention and was at one of the dealers booths were they had a deck of cards I had never seen before. They are called “Pegleg Pete’s Deck Of Rogues Pirate Playing Cards” but I will be calling then Pirates for short. These cards were made for a family game so they have 4 extra cards called “serpents” and have an X as a pip. They come in both Blood Red and Black. I only put pictures up for the black ones though.

Look:: The back of these cards look awesome and laymen also think they look cool. (I know because at least 10 people told me they look cool out of the random) 8.5/10

Now for the fronts, all I have to say is EW. The fronts look ugly as hell. They have pips in all four corners, writing on the side, weird pictures, and many more things. 4/10

Feel:: These cards feel like no other deck I’ve ever held. They feel great in your hands. There are many reasons for this different; finish, shock, and the fact that the cards are cut face down instead of face up like the USPCC does. 9/10

Cuts:: They cards are some the best cards for cuts I’ve ever come across. They hold together really nice and are some reason I can’t explain. They last long for cuts and have no complaints at all. 10/10

Fans:: they cards are OK for fans out of the box. But after a little bit of playing with them you will see that they die for fans easy. The backs look great for fans but the fronts are ugly. 5.5/10

Spreads:: These cards are average for spreads, nothing special at all. The backs look good spread but the fronts look horrible. 6/10

Farrows:: These cards SUCK for farrows. These just don’t farrow easy and if you do get a good farrow it is not easy to do. But they do riffle shuffle easy. 4/10 (btw the spread below was from a riffle shuffle not a farrow shuffle)

Other things:: These cards are they best cards for Chad Nelson’s Clip Shift I have found. The finish allows them to do it easy (well easy for the clip shift) The box is doubled layered, that means that instead of the 1 layer cheap boxes for most decks. The box is not easily destroyed; you can keep it in your pocket with out worrying about the box being crushed.

All around I would give these cards a 9/10.

You can buy these cards at many places. Most places sell them for about $9. Sounds stupid I know. BUT WAIT!!!!! They will soon be available at They will be selling them for only $6. That’s only 2/3 of the price. The best deal online. You might also be able to pick these cards up at a family toy store or some place. Here is a list of where they are being sold::

check all the photos that I took these cards here::
Nov 18, 2008
I remember seeing a video review on these on Youtube awhile ago (Kammagic?).

I agree with you about the backs. They look great. But the faces really don't do it for me.
Still not sure if I'll get some of these. I think there's probably better cards out there. I'd be getting this mostly for the art work.
Yea, Mark (Magic Vault owner) ended up giving me a deck of these to play around with. While I wouldn't perform with them, I still mess around with the deck very often. A lot of fun to just sit there and toy with, a different feel to it. Almost like plastic cards but they fan and handle like a deck of bikes. Not much to add to the review, but yes they're awesome for cuts, fan great after they're broken it, and one of the most durable decks I've seen.

And if anyone is considering ordering some, definitely give Mark a chance ( He's a great guy and runs a good business. Can't say I've ever had a bad experience dealing with him...I'm sure Jack will agree.

Dec 30, 2008
You showed me these in a video chat once, btw I was the one who called you after that and said I was watching Ellen on your tv....
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