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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jake the snake magic, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Okay, so for a while I have tried to not mind the masked magician show, yet tunite just really over did it. Tomorrow I was planning on doing gypsy thread to my friend who watches the show and also is very smart and figures out many tricks yet it just HAPPENED on the show to reveal GYPSY THREAD. Now because of this show I will probably not be able to show the trick to him tomorrow. Now this made me mad. Trust me, I've tried not to mind the show but...

  2. I refer you to this thread:


    thank you.
  3. You know what I like? The Magic Newswire's interviews. Dodd Vickers really does great interviews. The reason I bring this up, is that the same story was mentioned in two or three different interviews, and that story involved the Masked Magician.

    It goes like this. The Masked Magician revealed to the world how the 'Mismade Girl' is done. The next day, Lance Burton calls up Jim Steinmyer (I think, I could be totally wrong on that) and says, "I think it's time to put the Mismade Girl into the show."

    "Uh. Lance, you do know that was revealed on TV last night, right?"

    "Yes. That's why I want to put it in."

    He changed it a little bit, added a second box, a second person, mixed the two together in the ending, but it's the same trick with the same mechanics, really.

    People loved it.

    What's my point? Method is only a small fraction of the effect. Perform well, and people won't even care if they know how it's done, they'll just be entertained.
  4. I was just about to post that link myself.

    Here's an idea, how about you don't show your friend Gypsy thread tommorow?, show it to somebody else, do a different trick... use a bit of initiative. How do you think this justifies a thread in any way? This sort of stuff is the reason I (and I imagine many others) hardly ever come here.
  5. You think you are the only one who has to deal with this crap? Besides, I want you to tell me the good that's going to come out of this thread. Stop whining and deal with it bro.
  6. I agree. This same thing happened to me with Stigmata. It gets you kind pf nervous. Say I go to school one day and perform a trick, say..... Pressure. Now let's say that the Masked Magician has revealed this on his show (which he probably will eventually) All it takes is one person who's seen that episode to say "Hey I've seen that before" and start telling everyone how it's done.
  7. Well, according to everyone in the forum, there audiences have already figured out pressure (Which I just can't believe) so you won't have a problem with the masked magician bro.
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