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  1. PIXEL
    by David Jade

    "From a deck of playing cards, a card is chosen at random and shuffled back in. Completely lost! A rubber band is wrapped around the deck and everything is placed on the table. Visually (with all eyes fixated on the deck) the selection leaps to the top, free from the rubber band."

    Dan goes over several ideas and core concepts. They are:

    -Tabled method
    -Discrepancy of the rubber band
    -In the hands method
    -Bonus Material
    -Forced Pixel
    -Pixel Palm

    Several additional tips and tricks are given throughout concerning the above contents. The instruction is very easy to understand.

    The method itself is so ingenious and simple. I performed this within 5 minutes of learning it. Almost self-working and it looks amazing. It's really effective, and there are numerous applications. I'm surprised it got an OnDemand treatment and not a full out DVD. I would've paid for it. I was a tad worried about practicality, but if you have a rubber band and a deck of cards you can do this effect.

    It's simple and it hits hard. People almost never notice the slight discrepancy. I've performed this several times and gotten great reactions. If you need a quickie to do in a pinch, let it be this.

    There are two versions - a tabled and an in-the-hands. The tabled method is ten times stronger, but the in-the-hands version optimizes the effect a bit more as the spectator can give a cue for the card to pop up. However, I've found the spectator can pound the table themselves, creating the reaction on their own.

    The first bonus trick is basically the force from Commercial plus Pixel. It's not bad, but there is a bit of difficulty performing the riffle with the band around the deck. You can do it, but you'll need to exaggerate a bit more. I don't think I'll use it. However, Dave suggest having the mate of the force card in the card box as a prediction, which is a cool idea.

    The second bonus trick is basically a way to palm a card using Pixel. Not really my thing, but it could make a cool card to pocket, I guess. It defeats the point of Pixel - the effect overall is not there.

    Stretch by Paul Harris is then given as a reference and recommendation. I think Pixel is much more visually stunning, and it gets great reactions in the real world. You can do it in the spectator's hands but that's a BIG risk. I wouldn't do it.

    This is a great effect to add to your arsenal. I can't say enough good things about it. It's simply wonderful.

    For 7 bucks, you can't go wrong.

    Buy it now.

  2. Hey man glad to see a review of this. I was very skeptical about buying it but you convinced me. I've heard you can't do it on all surfaces. is this true? Anyways great review very helpful and convincing.
  3. The only surface I wouldn't recommend would be really rough types, such as concrete or granite (if you were laying on the sidewalk randomly or in your kitchen, respectively). But you're always going to have a suitable platform.

  4. maybe even something too soft? like plush sort of material.

    random but true.

  5. Who would ever do Pixel on plush, Princess Beans?

  6. Should I pay this or buying something else?
  7. Nino, I really didn't understand the question. If it's a matter of getting this, yes, buy it. It's great.

  8. Yeah I'm asking if I should pick this up. Anyway I save my money and
    I'll buy a book or dvd.
  9. It really depends. If you want a miracle that is impromptu and gets insane reactions, get this.

    There are plenty of good books you can get for 7 bucks, but I'd choose this. It's almost self-working and great. 9 out of 10. I highly recommend it.

  10. should i get this over portal?
  11. In the end, it comes down to personal choice. I can't help you there.

    That said, Portal versus Pixel is an unfair battle. They have different plots. I'd get both, as they are great pieces of magic.

  12. get Pixel it is epic there are so many different ideas you can use it for and you can do it anywhere on anysurface if you just push the deck a little
    this is a great buy

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