PK Sounds

Does anyone have this? If so can you direct me to a review, or answer these questions.

-Whats the longest this routine can last?
-Can you incorporate it easily with other mentalism effects, such as hypnosis patter?
-Is it worth it?
-Just your opinions, thanks all

Dec 1, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario
You can make a solid routine with this, at least 10 minutes long.
I'm sure you can find an interesting patter for it.
In my opinion, no it is not worth it. It requires some instant-stooging and it can't be done with any song. I've used it, it does great great reactions, but there is a time and place for this type of effect, and they don't come up very often.
Was I happy with the effect? To a point, but cash could be better spent.
I thought it was instant stooging.
I seen him sound stoogy in the video.
Derren Brown I know does some stooging but uses hypnosis, I could do this.
So is the stooging involved something I could make them forget about, or is it greatly obvious to them?
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