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  1. Okay, I'm trying not to spam create threads but I've just had a few questions in mind.. So sorry about that, haha. I've never really learned or performed any PK touches before but they've always seemed so beautiful to me. Does anyone haveanyany recommendations of where I could learn this sort of effect, for a close up street magic style performance?

    The performance at 7.55 looks nice here but I have no idea how I could pull it off
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  3. I don't generally answer these sorts of threads as I have found that the OPs rarely follow up.

    PK Touches by Banachek - pretty much the original product for the magic industry
    Invisible Touches by Lior Manor
    Midas Touch by Peter Turner
    D'Angelos Touches by D'Angelo
    Colin Cloud has one in ... Revelations? I think.
    Touch by Daniel Garcia, on the Guerrilla Guide to Loops
    Energetic Touches by Jerome Finley

    Taylor Imagineering has Geist which allows a real time PK Touch routine. I've seen that one used live and it's solid.

    There was a product released somewhat recently that did a similar thing to Geist but I can't remember the name of it now.
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  4. Thank you very much. I'll try looking into those ones and build a good foundation for the touch at least. I'm still kind of confused about what one I'd use though. I'd love to do a live touch like the one in the video, but the ones I've been seeing haven't been like that. Different audience management or number if spectators etc
  5. I didn't actually watch the video. Oh, Touching on Hoy is another one. That's Luke Jermay's. Midas Touch is built from Jermay's concept.

    This entirely depends on the routine you're building. I use techniques from several people as well as my own when creating PK Touch routines. My old one used 4 or 5 different techniques.
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  6. That's a great help, thank you. It's just that there are so many different styles of PK touches and I was unsure what direction to go in constructing a routine which suits me as a performer. Anyhow, yeah.. I'll look into them with more depth and find what works best for me
  7. I wouldn't Recommend Banachek for a more "street" style magic... I personally have never liked/used Banacheks presentation of it

    I agree with combining various "techniques" to achieve something
  8. Banachek's method is solid. I've used it for years. His presentation and blocking isn't necessary for the method. I use it with two volunteers standing on either side of me.
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