Places to get gimmick card

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  1. Can anybody please tell me where can i get these kind of gimmick card
    Queen holding 2 of heart in her hand
    King holding 4 of diamond in his hand

    any picture card that are holding a card
  2. You will probably have to get them custom printed (or make your own)
  3. This has been released in a few gaff decks and as a trick. You should be able to find something without too much searching.
  4. I agree with Maaz here. While this has been included in a few gaff decks, without knowing which decks they are exactly, you could spend hundreds (if not thousands) buying gaff decks only for them not to include what you need. You could use Google to find out which decks have these but good luck...most sites do not show the cards that are in the deck (aside from a few cards and the effects that can be done with them...and then a bullet point "and many more!" is added at the end lol)

    If you need something specific, it's probably more cost effective to have EXACTLY what you want, custom made (it's actually not that expensive at all)
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  5. Who makes custom gaff decks?
  6. Aqua Knight - I'll help you man

    A lot of these decks can still be found on ebay for a reasonable price

    I'd recommend WEAPONS from Eric Ross to get you started
  7. I am looking to have a custom “shrinking deck “ made for my little white lie performance.

    Anyone know someone that does full custom decks?
  8. Someone? All the major deck printers make full custom decks ... it's super expensive.

    I'd reach out to

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