Plans for Spring Break?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicSanj, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone!

    Most schools around my part of the USA (Pennsylvania) have just gotten our spring break.

    I will be traveling to Arizona (Sedona, Phoenix, Grand Canyon Area, and Tuscon) and I was wondering if anyone here on theory11 lives around there and would like to possibly meet up for a "spring jam" haha :p. (**Add me on AIM/Windows Live/MSN if you are interested!**)

    What are your plans? Anything you are going to buy//try to master over the holiday (easter)?

    Hope you all are well.


  2. Im going up to Boston next week
  3. Writing up lots of essays, practising some magic, listening to music, sorting paper work, sorting money, tidying the place, spring cleaning, working, and organising! :)
  4. Spring break?! I have final exams coming up. :(
  5. Sleep. Practice some flourishes. Go outside and chillax with some friends. Eat. Repeat... I envy all these people going on trips.
  6. I would jam if you lived around Virginia. :]

  7. I'm doing nothing. I might have a party some time and visit some friends, other than that i'm just gonna stay home bored. Oh, but my birthday's 3 days after spring break so i'm excited for that.
  8. Well technically it's spring vacation for me since I'm in middle school, but I'm going to be shooting street magic for a web series. That's if my ankle heals up, I strained my achiles a couple of weeks ago.
  9. im goin to las vegas =D
  10. Being with my mate.

    Nikki have a great time in vegas. Look up Street of and maybe we can see you on one of there live broadcasts at the darwin's club.
  11. Working on some magic and pretty much relaxing.
  12. how far do you from tysons mall, its near McLean
  13. Spring breaks over for me.
    But that week I was at UTA(univeristy of Texas at Arlington) alot.Helping filming projects,hanged out at the art gallery,performed some magic in Dallas and Arlington Highlands,took marilu,my beloved,to Carinos italian restaurant.
    And worked.
  14. Its called easterbreak in Sweden.
  15. Yes in australia we are hacing our Easter Break but it starts next friday.
  16. 1.Work
    2.Catch up on my sleep
    3.Spring cleaning
    5.Clipshift and learn the basics of the 26 shift
    6.Practice for Jazz
  17. My spring break was about 2-3 weeks ago, but I went to California and Las Vegas. It was quite awesome.

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