Plastic cards?

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  1. Any body know of decant plastic cards? (Fanable, springable etc)

    i want to try underwater flourishing :D
  2. Chances are if your under water you don't need to be worrying about fans and springs.

  3. yeah well i do..
  4. springs are easy because they are easier to bend but fans are horrible most of the time they dont flourish very well but i dont know about underwater flourishing ill have to try that
  5. Plastic Cards

    If you didn't know Vodka's are plastic...
  6. If you're talking about the Absolut Vodka cards, no they're not - they're paper playing cards.

    Underwater flourishing, that's new. For plastic cards to spring underwater, you probably need to get a stiffer, thicker brand of plastic playing cards, so that rules out Royals, Copags, and Gemacos. You probably want vivid colors so they can stand out underwater. I would go for older KEMs (before the USPC starting producing them), Modiano cards, or a company called DesJgn (J Design).

    Your problem will be trying to fan these cards. No plastic playing cards fan well (many won't fan at all) and submerging them underwater will only make it more impossible. Good luck trying. Definitely post a video.
  7. underwater flourishing.
    i think i read about that once,
    so i tried it, and your biggest worry is letting the cards get away

    the ones i used
    (that i'm surprised nobody has mentioned)
    are these

    not the best for fans, but hey, what do you expect?
  8. I'm going to buy some of those, then head to my pool!! :D
  9. That sounds awesome man! I would love to see a video. :)
  10. A few weeks ago, my friends bought me a plastic deck for my birthday. I tried flourishing with them and these cards cant fan well. I dislike how flimsy these cards are too. But flourishing underwater? I guess I'll have to try that out.
  11. Flourishing underwater may be a good way to practise, because it is alot harder to move under water. And when you try flourishing again outside of pool, it may increse your speed.
  12. Hey yeah! like when you put rocks in a bag, then jump around, then take it off and jump higher!

    or i might just move the packets too fast and overshoot, dropping them all

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