Platt's Catapult... and other sleeving goodness.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by joshua barrett, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. just a for fun topic, how many of you guys use brian's teachnique. i for one love it and use it quite often, and even recovered from fumbles with it.

    i also like doing rear thumb palm to breast pocket. and iv been experimenting with a shirting technique from COinMagic with a vanish of sol stone.

    what are some kinds of vanishes you guys use with a built in ditch
  2. Some of the best things on that DVD:
    THE FANNING PITCH ( I use it constantly... it's a great utility )
    CATAPULT STRIKE VANISH ( This one has fooled the magic guys in the shop )

  3. Balance palm by: John Borne is one worth looking into I like it because you can go in and out of back thumb palm with almost no funny movements whatsoever, and it can be used for sleeving. I personally, because I live in Florida, don't often get a chance to wear long sleeves, and I have found a way around the actuall sleeving. I simply wear a livestrong style braclet. It catches the coin and then it's right there for easy retrieval.

  4. :)thats some good thinking

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