Playing Card Collectors: what’s the best in your collection & thats the white whale you really want?

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  1. Good Day All....

    I am a playing card collector or “deck collector” as some call it. I started collecting cards every time I visited new places as a teen. Then I became a Professional/Amateur magician & started collecting the very ornate decks.

    SO... three questions for everyone

    1. What do you collect?
    2. What do you love or proud of in your collection?
    3. What’s the white whale that you are still looking for.
  2. Okay I will start:

    1. I collect... Magician themed and magic trick decks, food and restaurant decks, adventure themed decks, ornate & royal decks, nautical themed decks.

    2. I have the complete collection of... Artifice Decks, Monarch (including the rare silver 11 Madison park) and my new favorite is the “card college limited luxury collection”

    3. white whale is... pre-release Monarch demo edition. It was destroyed and remade, but a few decks survived.
  3. I collect playing cards of all kinds, even though it is not that rare, I am proud of my 2017 virtuoso deck.
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  4. I just recently got into deck collecting several months ago... much to the chagrin of my bank account. I don't collect a particular style/genre, just anything that catches my fancy which ranges from simple elegant designs to ornate ones and sometimes just because the tuck box can be the main draw (ie Snowman Factory).

    I love all my cards, otherwise I wouldn't of bought them! but since you happen to mention them, the blue Artifice V2 decks are some of my favorites, sadly those are the only color and version of the Artifice series that I have. Those V1's with the borderless backs are exceptionally gorgeous, would really love two complete sets of each color in the V1's and V2's.
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  5. My prized item is an unopened still in cellophane deck of tally-ho!s from the 80s. My mentor gave it to me many years ago and I have kept it in my climate-controlled safe ever since. I have a little desk safe that I keep at low moisture and a low temperature that holds about 10 decks. I mainly collect older cards, ones you find at flea markets for cheap, that's what I collect for display. Whenever Theory 11 or bicycle releases a new deck, maybe Chris Ramsay or daniel madison occasionally, that's what I use to perform with and to do cardistry with. I would love to have an og deck of nuggets, but who wouldn't!
  6. I got my mentor a deck of spring-summer Virts for Christmas one year. He still has them sealed and tucked away.
  7. Best in my collection: Pre-Release Monarchs and Eleven Madison Park Silver Monarchs

    The one I still want to get: Original Jerry's Nuggets, just purely for nostalgia's sake.
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  8. Your the first collector that I have seen that had a eleven Madison park.
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  9. This one is difficult for me because I don't like to consider myself a collector, yet somehow there are playing cards in every corner of my room.

    1. I suppose I should mention the random decks I would inherit after a trip to Las Vegas, plain Casino cards. I long ago lost the tuck case and actually these cards themselves I often lost either through neglect or forgetfulness. Then there was a time when I had a great affinity for David Blaine so I was longing for his decks quite a bit but not in any serious way, more casually after them.

    2. I really don't know what is the best in my collection, I mean, I hate calling it a collection, because of what I said before of not considering myself a collector. But for example, I really liked the White Lions decks that say 2012 because that was a memorable year in my life; I don't know, maybe the rarest cards I have are the Gold Edition Artisans, and the Black Drifters.

    3. Frankly, I'm trying not to buy any more cards. Of course occasionally I still feel the pull, whether its wondering what Dynamo is doing, or if David Blaine has anything new, or wondering what the next Theory 11 cards will be. To be fair I was for a time feeling downtrodden that I missed several great releases of some things that are now sold out but for the most part I've tried not to put these things on a pedestal so much and just been trying to enjoy and appreciate the cards that I have. I do remember a time though when I didn't have enough money to buy a certain deck and I was so upset. In my opinion I feel that we will all get the cards we want eventually.
  10. I know some of those feelings all to well. Speaking of trying to spend less, especially after what I spent late one night during a black friday promotion period, I've told myself that's enough for now... but then I saw T11 advertise the Mandalorian decks for preorder(those are a need not a want, right?). A few days later I came across the Ascension decks, which where removed from a previous order before it had shipped since they oversold what they had available(grrr), I of course had to get those too... after adding the Ascension decks to my cart I see they have the 2 basic deck colors of the Parlour cards in stock and I couldn't resist. Now, like a good card addict, I'm sitting here eyeing those new Jerry's Nugget color gilded decks and trying to resist....
  11. So the first step is admitting that your addicted....

    Don't be like me and order the whole set of card college limited edition (don't look at it) and find your self a few hundred less in your pocket.
  12. I'm not much of a collector (Despite having stacks of decks - most of them I got for free). I have a First Edition Black Ghost, but honestly the deck I like most in my collection is the first edition of Blue Artifice (without borders). Still have half a brick of those.
  13. I saw the unboxing of both boxed sets of the Card College editions on Rise's youtube channel. I suggest not looking at 'The Origin (3d genesis)' kickstarter, trying really hard to resist ordering the deluxe edition.
  14. Damit!!!! Now I am a backer.....i looked!
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  15. My plan is working, get enough people to buy the deluxe sets so that they run out and I can't! The only reason that I haven't backed it yet is is the number and variety of other decks I could buy with that amount of money. But I have to admit, those tucks are incredibly unique and the rainbow gilding is so sexy.

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