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  1. Hey T11. It's been a while since I last posted anything on the forums. But now that school is over (at least for me anyways), I thought I'd share something I've been working on for a while.

    The direction I set for myself was to create a deck of cards for YOU guys (something like the Bicycle Guardians: a deck that most magicians would be familiar with, but especially those who are on Theory11).

    Concept: Time.

    Ok, so the overall style I wanted to achieve was an old/underground look, which seems to be a popular theme for Theory11. The primary focus of the design is the pendulum (a symbolic instrument of telling time), which points to the roman numerals: #11 (of course), in the corner. The background features old parchment paper, with faded drawings. The drawings include 3 circles (which represent the Sun, Earth, and Moon), and lines (which represent the lines on a sundial). Both of these (at some point) were instrumental to measuring / determining time. The other symbols (such as the scripty lines, and the geometric shape in the middle) were designed to reinforce the old / underground theme.

    Personally, I feel these cards would shine when flourishing. Imagine spinning a card with this design. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Would you buy these cards? Do you think this design would fit with Theory11's custom cards? Improvements?

  2. I think the cards have a great design and you nailed your theme of an old look. Personally I noticed that the cards weren't symmetrical, which I figured would be what you were aiming for. Their smaller details that would bother me, but if you didn't care much for symmetry then I think they look great. Personally I don't do much flourishes, but I've seen enough to see what you're getting at if one were to do it with this design. Great job on the design!
  3. It's a good basis. Not too sure about the Metallica style 'M's in the middle. The gradient of the background makes it one way, which I'm not keen on, I'd rather have the gradient go from two diagonal corners, then fade into the middle, so it's the same no matter which way the card faces.
  4. i think they are great. if you made them symetrical it would be cool but if u put a little something on the back for an impossible card location i would think that would be fine too. Id love for T11 or someone to print these
  5. I like them a lot. I would would repeat all that Christopher said though. Just a little improvements here and there and it could be great. Keep it up!

  6. I'm pretty sure they're symmetrical about the diagonal, which means when you rotate it 180 degrees it'll still look the same.

    A cool design regardless - how did you draw it up?
  7. looks like a tarot card:p ...i think if you change the background color it will be more nicer...
  8. MAN! That is a COOL looking card! If you made those, I would buy a BRICK this second.
  9. Nope. They are darker on the right side than the left.
  10. Along the centre line, the three spheres he mentions don't align to the centre line the same way, as well as the centre piece isn't aligned to the lines radially outward from the centre. Again, these are small details which can be buffed out if going into a final design. Just gets on my nerves personally.
  11. Great! Simple yet elegant. The only thing I don't like is the black border. I would do the same color border as everything else, with maybe white in between the design and the border(e.g. bicycle cards)
  12. i really like them, they look almost old-fashioned....

    i hope you make them!
  13. hmmm

    Not bad, but what most cards are lacking is new court cards. EVERY NEW DECK JUST HAS THE SAME OL COURT CARDS :(
  14. ...still looks like a tarot card to me, the one that a fortune teller would use:p
  15. I agree with this. I like the idea of them, though the color just throws me off a bit.

    (Lucky sob, I've still got two more months of droneing school)
  16. I like it but I agree about changing the shading. Don't keep them one-way.
  17. Loved the idea, but I think there should be something with Theory11 website style. The exact same - yellow and black style, with all those backgrounds of site. Why did't 11 think of that? Or did they? That would be really great.
    P.S.I know, there's Bicycle Scorpions, but it would be cooler if it is a Theory11 deck.
  18. Funny you should mention that...
  19. Oshi... cue speculation of a new deck.

    In other news - I found these the other day. A bit expensive, but absolutely gorgeous. I ordered a couple and will post a review whenever they get here.

    could it be a bluff?? or is it true!?
    crazy looking court cards in the future-oo

    (i wanted to ryhme)

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