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  1. This will sound weird, but how do you guys moderate playing card usage? How long do you use a deck of playing cards before you open a new one? Do you use cheap cards, or do you buy expensive premium ones like the cards sold on this website? If you buy a brick of cards, (like a 12-pack of Standard Bikes), how long do you wait until opening a new one? Thanks for responding if you do!
  2. Full disclosure, I get custom decks free constantly. I have dozens in my office.

    I move on to a new deck generally when a) They start to clump badly, b) they do not Faro/one handed shuffle easily, and/or c) I get a fun new deck and want to play with that.

    The lifespan is going to vary due to a ton of different factors. Humidity is a big one - in the summer I can kill a deck in a day or two here in PA. In the winter it's so dry they last months with regular use. If I don't keep my hands nice and clean they'll get sticky quicker. If something dings the sides they'll start to jam up when trying to Faro shuffle. If they get dropped the dust and grit can basically sand off parts of the finish. Stuff like that.

    You have to understand that cards are consumable items. Most professionals will use at least one new deck per gig, because you don't want to be showing people a deck with dirty edges at a gig, for example. It's not professional looking. If I did card work in a gig, I'd have a brand new deck and give it away at the end every time.
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  3. Much like Chris I can kill a deck in a day during the summer months in Ohio. Sweaty hands make them clump and they are pretty much trash after the gig. Typically I'll just toss them to a kid at the end of my set and they absolutely go nuts over them. Ha.

    During the winter months there are no issues at all. Occasionally I'll get a deck that has that horrible click to it which is remedied by farrow shuffling cards face up and face down repeatedly.

    I ONLY perform with Bicycle decks in paid gigs. I absolutely hate and cringe when I see magicians use non-bicycle cards at paid gigs, but honestly that is just my opinion and feelings. I know people are all over the map on their choice of cards for paid performances.

    I buy bricks at a time at Sam's Club, Costcos, or BJs Wholesale.
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  4. Bicycles are almost certainly the most cost effective option for most people. Beyond that, I'm 100% positive it's preference. Personally, I cringe when I see the Bikes come out.
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  5. I have a brick of Bikes that are still perfectly good to use after a year+. They're a lot softer now than when I bought them obviously. So I don't like to practice with them that much, because they won't feel the same as a brand new pack, which is what I would be using if I were to actually perform for somebody.

    They still fan perfectly and can do everything a brand new deck can do. I use one deck every practice session, and then use a new deck for the next practice session, and I continue until I get back to the first deck. So I don't touch a deck for basically 11 days before using it again.
  6. I'm a lover of the standard bikes. But I live in Florida, and it's super humid down here, so any cards that I get won't last long.
  7. When I used to practice a lot a deck would last a week. For bikes I would open them up, smell them, and flush them a few times. Then go on to nudging faro into them. For other card brands... pretty much the same. I'd try a couple double lifts and maybe a double undercut to get it going. If it didn't feel right at that point I'd file for divorce.
  8. It depends what you are doing with it. I'm convinced that cardists like Bikes more and think they last longer than magicians do, but I could just be imagining it. Bee's are my favorite inexpensive deck. I use Aristocrats as an in between choice with respect to the premium decks and the inexpensive decks. Get a premium deck and some Bikes and compare for yourself. It's the only way you'll know for sure (spoiler: premium decks win).

    I go through about 3 decks a month, but that's specific to how I use them. I just open a new deck and see if it feels better than the one I've been using. Usually I realized I should have opened a new one sooner.

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