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    Hey everyone,

    I put away a little bit of cash recently and decided to splurge on some cards for myself :). Now, I've been looking into a few different brands that have a design I like, and I've come down to 3 decks.

    *First of all, the Red/Blue Wynns from Kardwell since I've heard good things about them.

    *Arrco Streamlines since they look very elegant and amazing.

    *And I was looking at the Split Spades but, since the Lions are available I might as well go for them.

    Based out of personal experience what do you the public feel is the best choice. IE, Design, Handling, Longevity, etc.

    I'm especially looking for a little in-sight on the Streamlines, I read a post on Decknique about them and they seem half-decent but, thats my only source of information thus far. And since no one has the Lions yet give your thoughts on the past Split Spades

  2. The Wynns are amazing. I strongly recommend them. The blues are more for fanning and the red ones are more for cuts. I recommend buying them accordingly to match your needs.

    Arrco Streamlines are also amazing. I don't know which is better. Arrcos or Wynns. If you have the cash, buy them both. =)

    I've yet to have the Lions but the back looks very nice.

    Overall, I recommend all 3 decks but the Wynns the most. Hope this helped. =)
  3. does this mean you bought all of the red/blue wynns from kardwell? what do you mean when you say 'all'?
  4. If I bought all of the Wynns then I wouldn't be asking for opinions on them would I :p. I would also have to be insanely rich.

    I meant:
    *First of all, the Red/Blue Wynns from Kardwell since I've heard good things about them.

    Like first things first, a phrase like that. It basically means "Firstly" since I was referring to them Red/Blue Wynns before the other 2.

  5. oh sorry, i thought the of was a typo and you meant off
    "first off, blah blah blah"

    i ordered from kardwell a few days ago and am waiting for my order to come
    i got red/blue wynns, arrcos, and tally ho's.
    sorry i cant really give you my opinion on anything you asked about, however some kid on youtube said that blue wynns were a good deck... if that amounts to anything :p (it obvously doesn't)
  6. Hey man, if you are going to order the red/blue(purple) wynns get them from, The shipping is alot cheaper to canada and fairly fast too.....if you want the shipping price list just let me know by pm or on here.
  7. NO, the red/blue wynns are not good cards unless you are lucky enough to get the tech arts because they have much better quality out of 8 i only got 1 good one.

    you should get some black ghost, lions, and some centurions.
  8. If you're just looking for design, get whatever deck looks like the best eye candy for you because it's a completely subjective call and forget what anyone else says. BUT if you're looking for cards to use for flourishing or XCM, then we're talking a completely different ball game here. Its all about the card stock and finish, and those factors are not as subjective. I don't think you can go wrong with Wynns. Shadow Masters handle GREAT and have that cool factor. Ghost decks are fantastic, also - they almost fan themselves. The original Split Spades handle great (they were basically Tally's, after all) but a deck that I think is very underrated is the Texan Palmetto. These are stiff enough to cut great and the full bleed back design makes fans look really unique. Get them if you can find them!
  9. orrrrrrr... you can get a black ghost today.

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