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  1. I’m a true novice when it comes to magic/Cardistry but was wondering if there would be any interest in seeing reviews of different decks with the main focus being on the art of the cards?

    I see plenty of reviews on YT and online where much of the focus is on the handling of the cards and overall aesthetic.

    My goal would be to use a macro lens and really highlight the line art and colors of the decks with the only mention of handling being specific to my beginner’s journey into Cardistry.

    This would satisfy my passion for the artistic approach to different decks and I’d also be making progress videos of me learning from the ground floor up. I think it would be cool for me to be able to see my own progress.

  2. I don't know if it's true that most reviews focus on handling of the cards. I know that this is usually mentioned, but the truth is that most USPCC produced decks handle very similarly anyway.

    There are quite a few reviewers that really highlight the visual components of the deck. It's certainly a focus of the excellent reviews by Gentleman Wake (link). V-Jose also usually showcases and discusses the artwork of the cards (link).

    I personally do pictorial reviews of playing cards where the focus is on the artwork and colours as well (link).

    Are you thinking of doing video reviews, or reviews where you take close-up photos? Either way, I think that more reviewers are always welcome, because everyone brings their own viewpoint and approach to a deck of cards, and you'd do the same.
  3. I always focus on the art of the cards, it's pretty much ALL I do ... LOL
  4. Yes I should have mentioned David's reviews (Magic Orthodoxy) as well. He updates a playlist with all his playing card reviews (link).

    He's another of my "go-to" reviewers if I want to check out what a deck I don't have looks like.

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