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  1. Hello all! So long story short, I was pretty active in a bunch of the magic/cardistry forums and I was really into magic a few years ago. (Lately, I still enjoy it but have mostly fallen off), so I am terribly outdated. However, I do have a small collection of playing cards and I still love cards and magic, but here's what I'm trying to ask:

    I have a deck of open, gently used, white Smoke and Mirrors v1 (I lost my black deck a while ago) and I was wondering what the worth of such an item would be. I've noticed that older Smoke and Mirrors decks have been in high demand with a very high price, so I was wondering what my used v1's would be worth.

    Sorry if this is the wrong section.

  2. For Me 5$

    For Addicted Collectors 50--70 $
  3. Due to it be open I wouldn't expect it to be worth that much, although cardists may be interested. If it was still sealed I would say $60 - $80, however if it isn't sealed then I would say $10
  4. I disagree with the 5-10 dollar price. The nice thing about an open deck is that you can actually play with it without feeling guilty about opening a $100 deck. Depending on the condition, I would expect you to get at least 20-40 dollars out of it. It's just harder to find someone who is looking for an open deck, but they are out there.
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    Alright, thanks everyone! I was thinking if it was ~40 it'd be worth the trouble to sell, but the general consensus says no haha

    Also, how much are wynns worth nowadays? (all of the colors)

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