Playing Cards from Spain?

hi guys..
im a but hurry to ask this because im asking one of my friend who stay for vacation in spain and going to back to my hometown next week to buy me playing card from spain..

so i want to ask to all of you which brand of playing card should i ask him to buy for me..
my friend not a magician so he wont know magic shop in town so maybe i can ask him to buy at the convenience store in town..

please let me know the brand and how the box looks like (if possible attach the photo also) and where to buy also the price.

ps: is 605 fournier sell in public?
im so glad if they sell it in public.

thanks before guys...

Feb 4, 2008
605s are the same stock and finish as the 505s but the cutting job is supposedly more precise. I assume the difference between them would be similar to the difference between Bee Club Specials and Richard Turner's "Gold Seal" Bees. Basically the sort of quality difference that shouldn’t make a huge difference until you are an advanced card worker and have a more sensitive "feel" for cards.

Even though it is not a Spanish card you might have your friend be on the lookout for Piatniks. It is an Austrian card that may be more readily available in Europe. Also Waddington's and Carta-Mundis may be more abundant as well. Be sure to show him the difference between a poker sized and a bridge sized deck. It can be hard to find poker sized Piatniks and Waddingtons and you don't want bridge sized decks or the Ghost of Larry Jennings will visit you every Christmas eve and show you the lengths of the chains you will bear in the afterlife for every pass you performed with a bridge sized deck.
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