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  1. Hey guys, with the EMC coming up soon ive looked back at lasy year's and Dan & Dave Buck have stated taht they enjoy music while practicing, so i've decided to post 5 songs that i listin to when i practice and i'd like to know your list.

    1. Love They Way You Lie Pt2 By Rihanna ft Eminem
    2. Powerless By Linkin Park
    3. Amerikan Beauty By (HED) P.E. *NOTE: i dont advise listin to this song unless you are aware of G-funk*
    4. Another Hero Lost By Shadows Fall
    5. Hate My Life By Theory Of A Deadman
  2. Whaat? Are you practice just 15 minutes per day. In my playlist is like 200 songs. I can't write all these songs here, but I listen to:
    1. Skillet
    2. Papa Roach
    3. Eminem
    4. Foo Fighters
    5. Linkin Park
    6. and much more
  3. Normally i practice periodicly throughout the day but ive chosen 5 songs i enjoy the most and set them on repeat.
  4. You guys should try the Glitch Mob. It's the perfect music to jam too
  5. When I'm practicing a sleight I'll listen to music but when I'm scripting it gets confusing. I have a hunch that I'm a bit older than many of you so no judging hehe

    1. Billy Joel
    2. The Beatles
    3. Journey
    4. Styx
    5. Goo Goo Dolls
    6. Saftey Suit
    7. Josh Groban

    And of course much more as well :)
  6. I listen to a ton of music while practicing. My music tastes are very mixed so this list may seem rather random but that's just the way I like it! Here's what I listen to:

    1) Jay Z and Kanye West
    2) Lana Del Rey
    3) The Vaccines
    4) Simon and Garfunkel
    5) Dana Hocking's Instrumentals

    And a whole lot more! You won't believe how much music I go through per day!!
  7. I have about 80 gigs worth of music covering a huge range of genres. When I practice, I put everything on shuffle. When I'm writing scripts or whatever I only use instrumental music as lyrics will get into my head and distract my thought process. The bands I've been really into lately include Abney Park, Sunday Driver, Against Me!, Sarah McClachlan, Jeff and Mychael Danna... well, it's a long list.
  8. Drake!
    Lots and lots of drake

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