Please Check this out it might help you.

Apr 22, 2008
Daaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg ..... I found this vid in my computer of me tryin a couple of colour changes ...... and man ive gotten better pls, pls look at this .... that was on January or February .... also my Cardini Change is not that bad ....... O_O

Here, check it out.

BTW I think ever one should record themselves and after 6 months watch the vid again and laugh at yourself .... ull see how much youve improved.
Apr 22, 2008
what im tryin to say is .... film yourself doing magic or flourishing and dont watch the video ..... and then after 10 months watch it and you will see how much you improved.
May 27, 2008
I do the same thing with my sketchbooks. When I was in art school thry said NEVER EVER throw a sketchbook away. I look back 5 years now over a bookshelf full and it can be a real encouragment to see what I ave improved as well as see mistakes I still make.

I look forward to when I can see some improvements in my videos :)

Good idea!

Nov 6, 2007
Well, I'm pretty sure most of us already do this. I have a crap load of videos on my computer of me from as far back as 3 years ago and it's quite funny how much we improve.
Jul 15, 2008
Haha, this has happened to me recently, I left videos on a camera for a while, and found 'em and looked at them and went "holy crap -- that practice -did- pay off!" it feels great.

A quote from "Scripting Magic" by Pete McCabe (I can't remember the magicians name, and the quote is paraphrased, I apologize, but... still worthwhile:)

"Once you see what you can acheive through practice, you'll never stop practicing"
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