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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MitchellStafiej, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm calling out all of the members of these forums, that before we start everything, to NOT clutter up these forums with useless junk. I'm not trying to act like a mod, but there are forums out there (that will remain unnamed) that are full of useless threads about the debates of different magicians and what they eat for breakfast.

    Let's use these forums to better our magic, not have it ruined by unnecessary comments and threads.

    Please let's not have these forums rot away, we've waiting so long and anxiously that this is something we should cherish and not see wash away.

  2. Yeah I agree, and also to read before you post or at least use common sense...I know on a forum I'm on people post whatever is on their mind and don't realize there's 23 threads identical to it *rolls eyes*.


  3. I agree, I don't want to see this site/forum go to waste. It has potential.

  4. And on this subject, I think that there are enough welcome threads by now. If you wanna say welcome, you can post in one of the existing ones.

    *Dismounts off high horse*

    - Dan
  5. Absolutely ! ... I would give my left leg to have a forum not cluttered up ... With actual valuable content ...

    OK so not my LEFT leg ...but you get the point
  6. Agreed. This forum should stay clean. If you would like to be welcome / welcome somebody, please post it in Wayne's thread.
  7. I agree not to clutter up existing threads or too litter the threads list with multiples of the same topic but all should feel free to talk about nonsense as long as it is in the proper place, like in a thread labeled "Nonsense" in the general forum spot. just my opinion.
  8. I think we can all agree with your statement, but I think some of us are just excited right now.

    Things will calm down a bit and the threads will become more focused.
  9. Always SEARCH first is the key :)

  10. Some people care about what Brad eats for breakfast. So SHUT UP.

    hahah just kidding. it's wayne's morning meals i truly care about.

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