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Please Give Tips and Help...

Jan 15, 2008
in the royal court
I have already posted a forum about this....
but the thing is i want tips from everyone...
tips and experiences in school performing from everyone:
tips: when in school how can you avoid hecklers (etc.)
experiences: Why did you get caught? (etc.)
every tip u can think of.. every experience (bad or good) you have had (well not every experience just the extremes)
and i will be joining them into a PDF and putting it up for new magicians help..
if an experience is very embarrasing (we want to hear it PM it) the info entries will be anonimous, but people will be credited
Sep 30, 2007
Here ya go

Since it seems this thread is moving I'll go ahead and repost my comments here.

I think it sounds like a great idea! I'll guess I'll go ahead and throw in my little tip.

*When performing in school, perform for people who actually want to see and enjoy the magic. Stay away from heckler students who's only want is to mess up your trick or figure out how it's done to make you look bad. These two groups can be easily distinguished from each other after the first trick. Their response and how they act during the trick will determine which category they fit into. If they enjoyed it and responded well, then keep your routine going, but if they fit into the heckler group, then stop at that trick.

*Let's say you run into the problem of where you have a few "hecklers" and a few "enjoyers" in the same group. Then what? In my personal opinion, end with the trick you are on and wait till you meet the "enjoyers" again when they are away from the "hecklers". This makes the overall performance more enjoyable for everybody and plus it lessens the risk of a heckler screwing up your trick.
Sep 1, 2007
School performing is hard, extremely hard.

The thing you have to do is pick your friends to do tricks for, then their friends can come over and watch.

But here's the thing, performing in schools much depends on your social status (yeah very true). You have to be friends with specific groups in order to have people not just walk away or knock the deck out of your hands or try and look cool in front of their friends.

The only reason I had a bad experience was because I flashed a card in an ACR routine, and that was a snowball effect between who I was performing for and who caught me. They didn't like each other to begin with, so when the kid ruined that part of the routine, the other flipped, and .... yeah.

So it depends for sure on the people, do it for friends or people that know you, maybe not your best friends but someone that you hang out with at school or see often or whatever. But going up to random kids during breaks or lunch is a russian roulette
with five bullets in a six shooter

Jan 11, 2008
New york
"School Trick!!"
Secretly gain access to a friends note book and write "The 3 of clubs"in his or her handwriting. The rest is just a matter of forcing the card and then forcing his or her note book on them. put it on a page that has writing on it already that way you don't have to worry about them finding it any time that day.
Sep 3, 2007
Check the other "Performing in School" Thread. I have a rather long essay/guide on performing in school, and I linked to it in the other topic. I also have a "story" about performing in school that is in essay form, and fictional. Check it out.
Jan 5, 2008
Drury Lane
1. Avoiding Hecklers
- Get to know people. And audience isn't an "audience" until you show what you can do.
Fear - We all have to overcome it some time. Why not now?
Nervousness - Get your friends to be a practice audience. Yes, they might learn the secret, but is it worth having the whole school knowing? (choose these people WISELY)
Unsure - You can never be sure about your performance until you actually perform.

2. Messing Up
a. I'm usually known as a comedian magician, so I've gotten the view of messing up on purpose. [ Build your reputation slowly. Know who to talk to. ]
b. You audience laughs. Laugh with them! They're not laughing AT you. Unless you tell yourself they are.
c. Be confident. Who cares if you mess up? I know You care, but I have a question for you. Has your audience ever been exposed to LIVE magic?
d. As you start performing a trick, move up higher and higher, but start LOWER. Don't perform to the principal as soon as you learn a trick. PRACTICE. It does sound annoying, but trust me. You will never regret it.

I'll edit more if I have the time.
PM me and tell me how it goes.
Good luck!

Jan 18, 2008

when performing for hecklers, do another type of magic. example: instead of cards do coins or spongeballs. do cards to ur friends. pick a friend to be ur "practice buddy" and practice the tricks on them, then when ur perfect at the tricks, bring on the hecklers. Or YOU CAN JUST BUY THE DVD HECKLER from brian tudor on penguin. lol
Oct 12, 2007
Orlando Fl
What was the point of making to exactly identical threads, plus adjones already has a guide, which is really good, by the way.
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