please watch v3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fran DC, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Your not improving anything your just showing us another video.

    It feels like you're just begging for attention, not critique.

    I reccomend you review the advise given to you in the two previous threads and learn from what people are trying to tell you. I don't like feeling like a broken records.
  2. Yep William you're right
    Fran you need to revise the advice we've given you and you need to spend more time on your videos. Get a plan up of what flourishes you will perform in the videos.
    Practice them and then practice your editing skills.
    Good luck :)
  3. Fran, please listen to the advice you are getting and do not post a new / different video every couple hours. It does scream, "I need attention!"

    You want my honest opinion? Some people don't like my opinions because I tell it like it is and don't sugar coat it. I really do not care for flourishes. I'd much rather you go out in public somewhere and show us a video of you entertaining a few people with a magic effect.
  4. Honest opinion: I have no idea why there were cards in that video the only thing I could pay attention to was the Tasmanian devil on your shirt changing color. Seriously, take everyone else's advice and stop posting a new video every few hours. Go out and perform for people, not your webcam.
  5. And preferably perform magic.
  6. This really should be posted in the cardistry section anyways.
  7. Insane video. When is v4 coming?
  8. Interesting...i never seen this before you posted the of my friends tell me about this to see and i see really nice...Thanks for sharing this....
  9. Are you serious?

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