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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by erdnase92, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Do you use your cheating ability in poker ??
    If yes, how can you find the cards which have to be stacked, or dealt from the bottom of the deck ??
  2. This is covered in Expert at the Card Table. Considering your username, I think that's all the info you need :)
  3. There are many methods to doing this.

    I don't cheat in poker or do demonstrations of actual skill (I do the occasional poker demo, but never utilizing actual moves).

    Erdnase is one of the better places to learn stacks, culls, and other tricks (bottoms, palms, seconds...)

    Expert Card Technique has plenty of moves that can be adapted for the card table, Foundations by Jason England might have something to say about this as well.

    I would say riffle culling and mucking cards (into your lap) would be two solid ways to find and stack cards.

    I say all of this with caution, because I'm not an expert on such techniques.
  4. I did cheat last night...It was freakin awesome...
    We did just a small 'turbo' holdem game. Short stacks, with the blind raised every 15min so it was short.

    I had the time to give me 2 full house, and some pocket rockets (Aces)

    I just used some pickup stacking, false shuffles, false cut, and a little bit of culling.

    The biggest thing is, every body known i were a magician, and beside i done a small cheating demo before the game to one of my friends.

    They saw nothing!

    I recommend you look for Jeff Wessmiler - Weapons Of The Card Shark ;)

    Have Fun, and dont cheat with the wrong people :)
  5. I don't cheat for personal gain, games where money is involved, but in relaxed games for pure fun, sure. Great way to practice your sleights.
    Was at a camp for kids with ADHD and/or Downs Syndrome last week, (as a councellor;) ) and everybody was playnig cards all the time.
    Great way to try holdouts, mucking, bottoms, seconds, false shuffles, false cuts, crimp-to-passes, stacking, culling, you name it:) Had a blast.

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