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  1. The Polaroid Change by Bsmith

    I just purchased the ''Polaroid Change'' 1on1 today and this is my
    review for it.

    Size: 185,012 KB
    TIME:16.5 minutes


    Like all Theory11 videos the quailty is amazing and very clear.

    Bsmith taught the change very well. He went into every detail and there were multiple camera angles so nothing was left out.He taught 2 different ways to preform the change and went through them in detail. I'm very happy with the teaching!

    Actually the angles are not that bad. For me personaly when preforming this change it has better angles then preforming a ''Snap Change''. Bsmith covers and gives you tips about the angles which is very helpful. With some practise infront of a mirror you'll be fine!

    This change is not that difficult but will take some practise to perfect and get the angles right.Getting into the change is fairly easy. Just sit down and practise!


    I think that $5.95 is a very cheap and a reasonable price for such a really great colour change.

    I really like this change! The Polaroid Change is a very visual and easy colour change to manuver and i would reccommend that you purchase it! It may take some time to practise it( I'm practising it now) but i will be worth it after because you will be able to preform a very visual colour change. I am very happy with this purchase!:)
  2. Hm... Oh, Okay.
  3. Is the deck required to be there?
  4. What do you mean?
  5. I think he means can you set the deck down and just do the change with only the "one" card. And the answer is yes. The deck does not need to be there, it is essentially a one handed color change. But as with the snap change, you are going to need to clean up before handing out the card...

  6. Thanks. Sounds good.

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