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    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering.......

    The Popsyble that's taught in " Thoughts of a madman ".........

    If I was to flick the card out................

    Would that be same as the Popsybil taught on the Lethal DVD?

    Also would it be O.K. for me to perform it like that?

    As an individual flourish, with the flicking?

    ( Obviously - the OTHER card ;) ).

    Can anyone help?
    I don't want to do anything unfair as I don't have the Lethal DVD.


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    popsyble is not taught in thoughts of a madman but there is a cut in lethal where you flick a card out like a hotshot cut called popsyble and popsyble ++++ is a 4 ace production also taught in lethal

    hope i helped
  3. Really?

    I thought it was taught in Basic ( pages 13-14 ) .


    Please someone reply.

  4. It is taught in Basic.
  5. You're asking if you can perform something you bought, your way? You can perform anything in your own style. If a part of an effect or flourish is too hard for you even after days, weeks or even months of practice, do it differently! There is no rule saying you have to perform everything exactly the way it's taught. Make your own patter too. The problem I see with a lot of performers is that they use the same patter as they see on the DVD...:(

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