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  1. I have a Porper Clip and a few questions.

    1.) It is a regular sized clip. How many cards is good to have in the box? I find that 52 isn't enough. The box isn't full with just 52 and has been destroyed and the cards still have a click bend. With the box full (jokers and ad cards) it is too tight. I spent almost 20 minutes trying to get a full pack like that out of the clip.

    2.) How can you maximize box life? It seems like with these clips, the box doesn't last for more than a few days.

  2. I find that a box lasts longer without a clip personally, as long as you take care of them I find that I can maintain my box for a month or two. IF you would like to use the clip try using only the cards plus jokers, see if that works.
    On a second thought what cards are you putting into the clip? Note that some cards have a thicker stock than others!
  3. In a regular t11 deck, I keep 54 cards in it. With my E decks, I just keep the 52 cards. (mind you, I also do have the Ellusionist sized porper)

    As for box life... nothing has happened to me regarding my box breaking.

  4. I've found my boxes to be ruined only if I'm repeatedly taking them in and out of the clip. To alleviate this, I always have 2-3 decks open and rotate use between them. While I practice with one, I keep the other in the clip, and I switch every other day or so. This minimizes box wear and the cards themselves last substantially longer than if you just abuse a single deck for a week.

    As for the amount of cards, it's going to vary based on the brand and box thickness. For Tallys, I've found that the clip can hold the 52 + Jokers snugly, but putting in a black deck with the extra double backer and blank card makes it far too tight.
  5. I just recieved my porper from ellusionist, and I had a hard time fitting any of my decks into the regular size, when i took out the box it just ripped up the sides/corners. So i sent it back for a larger ellusionist size clip maybe that will help
  6. My clip is a regular sized clip and I am using regular bikes.
  7. I own a few clips, and I must say that for each one of them, I have to "break in" the clips. Meaning that I bend them inward and outward, put decks in an out, as well as step on them. Once broken in, they are fine and not too tight on the cards. I also just keep my 52 in them, and if some cards are extremely warped or have bent corners, I may put a few extra (2-3) cards in there and then clip the deck.

    Another solution to getting rid of warped click bends is to faro the cards back/back or face/face so that every other card is face up/face down, and then clip the deck.

    I would also keep them away from a nearby window. Cool air seeping through the cracks will warp them.
  8. Cool thanks Zach. The deck I was using was getting into pretty bad shape. I performed this evening for some of my girlfriends family and her little cousin got so excited when I had her hold some of the cards and wanted to keep them so I went ahead and gave her the box and let her keep them! I'm going to grab another pack before I head out of town tomorrow and I'm going to try to break in the clip like you said.

    We need to hang again sometime man!
  9. If you want to keep your card cases in good shape you can use a "ruined" one for the porper clip and just switch the cards within the case.
  10. I just had a thought. Do you use the clip to actually maintain the box, or as an accessory? If you want to keep the box looking good what I've seen some guys do is they pull the tab around the cellophane and leave the bottom half on which keeps the box dirt-free and avoids scratches. Just a thought.
  11. I just ordered one, u think I'll be able to fit a Deck ONE in it? or would the box be too thick?

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