Portland, OR - where do you buy cards?

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  1. For anyone living in Portland, OR, are there any good stores to find rare decks, cheap decks, etc.?

    I live in Tigard and work in Portland, so any locations in those areas would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Dave's Killer Magic shop but it is in vancouver so bit of a drive, but has lots of good staff and nice staff
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  3. Thanks. I've seen that on Google Maps, but was hoping to find somewhere closer to where I work so I can take a little field trip during my lunch break.
  4. Dave's Killer Magic Shop is EPIC!

    Make sure to support the Portland Magic Jam as well.
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  5. You can find better deals online, actually. Penguin Magic has somewhat lower prices than most web shops and storefronts, even on some hard to find cards. Also, if you are after decks like Monarchs and similar, Barnes and Noble site often sends out 15% off (or even 20% off) coupons by e-mail allowing you to order most items, include card decks, at a discount. Amazon.com is often a hit or miss in that area, but their prices always fluctuate, and with a site like camelcamelcamel.com you can set up free "price alerts" that will notify you whenever any desired item gets its price lowered on Amazon; very useful.
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  6. This is really helpful. Thank you.
  7. Other ideas for you:
    • David Blaine is coming to town (May 21st, Keller Auditorium), so, hopefully, anyone attending the show would be able to buy some decks off his tray at the lobby.
    • The cheapest cards I could find are 12-deck bricks of Bicycle Standards from Amazon. (Used to be exclusive to Prime members, but not anymore.). I've seen those going as low as $12.45 recently. Costco has the same ones for $15.99, I think.
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