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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by drorange, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. hi please post

    1. Where you live
    2. what shipping used (include overseas or America)
    3. time taken from e-mail declaring its shipped and when it arrived

    heres mine
    1. Melbourne Australia
    2. cheapest (overseas)
    3. 7 days

    thought this might help
  2. 1) New Jersey, USA
    2) Expedited (not the cheapest option, but not the most expensive - the one in the middle).
    3) Shipped 1:35 PM and arrived the next day at 12:12 PM. That's less than 1 day. I love you, Theory 11/UPS :)
  3. mine was with the cheapest shipping on the first of september

    still not here yet.

    hoping i'll get it tomorrow
  4. Adelaide, Australia.
    Ordered 01/09 (31/08 over there) recieved 13/09. Fastest/Most Expensive Shipping
    12 Days
  5. Same here, what the hell?

    Despite ordering on the 1st of this month, I have not yet received my order. I guess I would not mind so much, but a good friend of mine who ordered similar items after me got his package days ago -- and that is rather worrying. A similar story goes to another guy I know, both of which also live in the UK.

    I feel bad. :(

    1. Macau
    2. Cheapest
    3. 4 days
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    Shipped on Wednesday the 5th
    Used the most expensive shipping
    Still not arrived and gettin kinda worried, I just want it, Panic and Distortion look amazig

    P.S I cant blame THEORY 11 its not there fault once they shipped the package its up to whoever is delivering it.
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    1. Sydney, Australia
    2. Cheapest
    3. Ordered on the 2nd of September due to holidays in the states shipped on the 6th, arrived on the 14th. 8 days.
  8. Louisiana
    Cheapest SHipping
    4 Days
  9. 1. austria (central europe)
    2. cheapest
    3. ordered september 1st, shipping confirmation email received september 6th, package received september 13th
  10. Edson Alberta Canada.
    Cheapest shipping option.
    Ordered a week ago today, I expect it will show up today.
  11. It took four days for both my packages to arrive, in New York, via the cheapest shipping option available.

    I was pleasantly suprised.:)

    Sorry, you just jinxed yourself.:D

  12. Morocco !
    most expensive payment (about 40 bucks )
  13. Denver, CO
    The cheapest one
    I ordered Saturday night, and I believe that it shipped on Tuesday and I got it on Thursday of the same week.
  14. - Mexico
    - PMI (although i payed for EMS..)
    - not here yet... but the usps site says...
    International Dispatch, September 08, 2007, 5:25 pm, NJI
    Electronic Shipping Info Received, September 06, 2007

    by the way.. where is NJI!?!
  15. Southern nova scotia. Five busioness days. I ordered one week ago, meaning five business days. Cheapest shipping option.

  16. yeah, I'm in Australia, but i think it might be my post office as well. i live just out of the town and so we have a smaller post office that's been great for years. privately owned, and nice people. however recently they sold it and the new owners don't have a clue. our mail's all over the shop. if it doesn't come today I'm, going to ring them

    i just really want to get my items.
  17. it's good when that happens. my first Ellusionist package arrived 2 days later. and that's all the way to Australia. just got lucky i think my last order from them took almost 2 weeks.

    this is with the same shipping option mind you.
  18. What the hell?

    I live in Canada... that's a lot closer to Theory 11 than Austria. I used the cheapest shipping.

    I ordered on August 31st... It shipped on the 6th too... and I don't have it yet.
  19. Theory11 does not ship over the weekend, and also there were some technical issues/errors with some of the shipments, which is probably why there was a delay in shipping your order.


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