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  1. So how does this sound. A borrowed deck is shuffled and inspected. Two spectators pick a card from different parts of the deck without looking at the others selections. The deck then goes back into the box and both spectators hold the box. They both say their selected cards at the same time and both selections are the same card. Kicker ending is that the card was never in the deck to begin with and was in my pocket the entire time.
  2. I personally like tricks that are Smith Myth-esque. Some are better than others but I've never seen that kind of ending before. I like it. I can't tell you if its original or not but it's a cool concept to me. Hope it works out for you!
  3. Trick idea sounds great, but in ten years of busking I’ve never been able to borrow a deck.
  4. The concept of a borrowed deck is mostly marketing speak. In the real world it's just not a practical concern. I've never borrowed a deck of cards from anyone who was not a magician themselves.
  5. Preach
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  6. Sorry man, but I think The Worker beat you to it.
    This sounds fairly similar to White Memory by Adam Wilber. It's taught in the working man DVD.
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  7. Ah damn it! I'll check it out to double check. But cheers for the heads up!
  8. I've just read the description for white memory by Adam Wilbur and unfortunately it's very similar. The ending are different but not enough for them to be 2 different tricks. Ah well back to the drawing board!
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  9. Sorry man, its the struggle we've all been through...
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  10. If you like the effect and have a modified handling that your prefer to the original published effect then don't let the the fact that the older trick exists stop you. There is a lot more areas to be creative in our art than just effect and method. Heck there are only about a dozen or so fundamentally different "effects" the rest is just variation. I've never had a layperson ask, "Did you invent all that?" Concentrate your creative efforts on presentation. To paraquote one of the greats, "Laypeople react to effect, magicians react to method; laypeople are who pay the bills."

    2p for the price of 0p.
  11. I meant to say "Laypeople react to presentation........"
  12. Harry Lorayne has an effect where two different spectators select the same card. I cannot recall which of his books [yes, remember those clumsy, awkward, time-consuming tools for learning magic?] I had originally seen the idea.
    It is encouraging, though, to be "thinking" along the same lines as The Greats
  13. Can I sell ebooks with 10 to 14 tricks
  14. Yes, but I strongly recommend doing a LOT of research before releasing anything, and make sure you've got a professional editor to look it over. Also, don't be surprised if you sell very few.
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  15. Here is the description of White Memory from the Ellusionist website page advertising The Working Man, by Adam Wilbur:

    White Memory. "The performer begins by introducing the concept of amnesia - whole blocks of memory simply gone from the brain - and that this trick is designed to mimic that condition. Spreading through a deck of cards, he asks two spectators to each choose a card and commit it to memory, before holding it between their palms. The spectators are asked to name their card at the same time… and impossibly, it’s the same one. The performer explains that he hasn’t ‘stolen’ a memory - he’s instead implanted one. The spectators turn over the cards in their hands - to find they are completely blank. When the deck is spread - not a single printed card is seen."

    I may be missing something here, and it's just my opinion, but other than the two spectator's naming their card simultaneously, I really don't see Danielsutton95's trick as being substantially similar to White Memory. Are the "selected" cards held on to until the end by the spectators in Daniel's trick? Do the spectator's turn over their cards at the end in Daniel's effect? Do the cards turn blank in Daniel's? And in Adam's trick is the selection produced from the pocket?
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  16. I think I found what you are looking for. Jay Sankey has a trick that's very similar. You can learn it for free in the youtube video down below.

    As he explains a little later in the video, the effect you explained is done to 3 different people, and not just two. The trick in itself is great, but the technique he teaches has a lot of applications.
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