Practicing Habits.

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  1. I was wondering today, as I booted up a DVD, along with some music to practice with, do you guys and gals ave any specific practicing routine, maybe certain music, something to set the mood, isolate yourself, that kinda thing.

    Me, I like to practice at night, generally when people are asleep, load up a bit of just mellow music, and set up camp with a bit of food, cereal, fruit, whatever.

    So I wanted to know, if you guys had any?

  2. It depends, if it's a move or sleight that i'm practicing then it's all mirror practice until I feel comfortable with it. If it's a trick then I spend some time getting comfortable with the mechanics of the effect. I then usually set a camcorder up on a tripod or have someone film me doing it. If it looks decent than I take it to the street in my neighborhood or back to work with me and from there I see what works and what doesn't for me. I find it better for me to practice in a quiet place though before taking it to the street.
  3. This is a good question that I am sure has been asked before but I won't knock you for that because I haven't answered it yet.

    First off go for a walk with a deck kinda trying to get myself psyched up and in the right mood to get ready to sit for a while. Then I have been known to hang out at a school or at a park on some sort of bench. Here is where I normally do some easy stuff to get my fingers loose and ready. (simple DL, trying to work out a flourishy undercut, creating controls and known controls, easy color changes) Then I do a few routines or tricks that are mainly or all in the hands.

    If I am at home I still do the walking thing and do "XMC" and DLs to get my fingers unwound. Hoping by the time i get back everyone is asleep so no one sneaks a peak. Get a soda or beer then I pop on on my laptop with earbuds in. (music varies) Then I try (for my skill level) knuckle busting sleights or what is angle sensitive at the time that shouldn't be. (currently: Mad tenkai steal, groove electric switch, and clipshift.) Mixed with sleights and routines I know by heart, to boost my ego, that I see myself performing. Hope it wasn't too long.
  4. I keep a deck of cards on the back of the toilet. There's also a pack in the drawer beside my couch. Whenever I'm handling business, I ALWAYS seem to mess around with them and practice what I'm working on.

    Also when I'm lounging on the couch, I think it helps by forcing me to do things while at awkward angles. I don't know... I don't think I'll ever go through a time where I'll need to be able to Clipshift of Shapeshift while laying at a 45º angle, but it helps me get the mechanics of the things down better.

    Also I refuse to practice in front of a mirror. I'd rather get called out by my wife and family and take my licks from them than stare awkwardly at my reflection.
  5. I'm not going to lie...That's hardcore, you'd got my respect bro!
  6. I do most of my practice infront of the TV. I will sit down pop the DVD in and learn the moves. after that I will put on a show I enjoy watching, and do it all at the same time. I also have cards in my bathroom, as well as in my back pocket (porper cllip is amazing). I then set up the camera and i will do it a few times and look for ackward handelings and flashes. after it all looks good I work on the presentation. At this point i put on some music and get to writing everything down. how i get it to the effect, what i say during and after. When i like the script i put the two of them together again for the camera, and make sure everything feels good. then ill take it to friends and family.
  7. I just get my mechanics down on my on maybe infront of the mirror(which I don't always do.) but if the effect requires it I do it. then I take it to my family they are the ones who are not afraid to tell you .. "you flashed or I saw that .. or the disturbing keep working on it " but if they are amazed and I saw that glimpse of astonishment I roll it up onto the streets ... and my repetoire.

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