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  1. Hi, guys. I'm a high school senior. I've already made my reputation as a cardist around campus, and a lot of people ask me if I know any card tricks when I get bored and start flourishing. I know quite a few very good tricks, both full-length routines and 30-second quickies, and I've been doing this long enough to know when to stop in order to keep people coming back for more. I'm still a teenager, though, and I tend to notice the more attractive faces that show up often. One girl in particular made me drop every card in the deck when she asked me to show her something. She has shown some pretty keen interest in what I do, and we eventually got to talking and became very good friends. She's very pretty and has a great personality.

    Our prom is coming up in a couple of months! Without listing any wildly obnoxious or obscene scenarios, can anyone give me an idea or two on how I should go about asking this girl to the dance with the talents I have? (Should I even include the cards?) I don't really have an upper limit on how much I want to spend on preparations, but I still have a budget, so nothing too high, please.
  2. No you should not, you should make it about you not the cards.
    I are also graduating =D
  3. No you want it to be serious, be you. If she really wants to, you wont need the cards. I think getting a girls attention with a trick is ok, but using them to ask her to something major is cheesy...that might be a understatement.
  4. Gator Boots. Show that girl who's boss. ;)

    Joking aside, I would honestly not include magic in any way, shape, or form when it comes to asking a girl out. It seems kind of corny. From what my female friends, and my girlfriend, have told me: just being yourself and asking her straight up is the best course of action. Trying to get fancy or go over the top tends to either come off as corny or that you're trying too hard (read: desperate). Feel free to bust out a trick or two while you're actually at prom, though, if that's your thing. :)

    Side note: I think there was a topic like this not too long may have been for a different event, but it was still equally as relevant. Just sayin'.
  5. young love

    Well I'm about the same age as you, and you don't want to do something to big or to small. Trust me your girl likes you for you and not your magic and even though you enjoy, I think i simple injection of guts and some words will do. When you ask someone out with magic its very corny, and unless your girl has a personality to match that i wouldn't do magic to ask her out. So, I guess the answer is if your girl has a good sense of humor, do some magic(a rose production,get creative),but if your girl is a little more serious just ask her out normally.

    Hope this helped.
  6. Imo, don't involve cards/magic.
  7. Funny, there was an almost identical thread a while back, and everyone said to do a trick, except for me of course :D
    Check if you don't believe me. :p
    Anyway, just do what everyone's said and just ask without the magic.
    Although don't be afraid to use it as a backup, like if she's not sure, say, 'What about if I show you that trick you love?'
    Know what I'm sayin'?
  8. I remember that...once Katie replied, there was no convincing people after that, heh. ;)
  9. When I was a senior I asked my date out with a trick. She thought it was sweet and of course said yes. In my opinion, this is just a clever way of asking. It is like surprising her with flowers, or leading her on a scavenger hunt to a huge sign that asks her.

    the trick I suggest that I wish I knew at the time I asked my date is 5 speed by chris kenner with a modification. 5speed is sold here if you don't have it. the modification I would use is instead of doing the first part having them pick out a card I would just do the second phase. Now when it is time to reveal the 3 of spades has changed into another card, it is a card with a message on it. any message of your choice.

    what is great is that you just ask her if she wants to see a trick and then the ending is a huge kicker that will surly surprise her. hope this helps
  10. Hmmmmm, interesting. I was just about to say "don't do card tricks", but this may have changed my mind. It could be a winner... But do it in a casual way, just walk over to her, and ask her if she wanted to see a trick. Catch her off guard...

    Or you could just ask her directly. She already saw you perform tricks, and she liked it... The only question left is, does she likes you enough to go the prom with you? Prom is far bigger deal for girls then for boys, because of popularity and all that cr@p. You said that she is really beautiful, so she might go with some football or basketball player to the prom, just to be seen with some tall handsome popular guy...

    Anyway, tell us how it went...
  11. I totally got the Dawson's Creek song stuck in my head reading this. Anyways, just ask her.
  12. Alright
    there are only two possible ways of making this look good. Not trying to sound cocky by the way.
    1. Do a trick but it has to be epic in order not to be lame
    2. Do not do a trick.

    If you are going to do a trick. I would not use cards. make it something totally epic and unexpected. If you use a pick a card trick then it just looks cheesy. so... youre looking along the lines of...
    "Hi. Can i borrow a piece of paper? coo thanks. Alright um... lemme think... lemme write something here... wait... damn pen no ink. Bloody hell. *scrunches up paper* RAWRRRRR *takes out a lighter and burns paper. The paper blows up in a big fireball and when the flame reaches the floor fire words spell out "WILL YOU GO TO THE PROM WITH ME?" or something of the same big ness haha. Dont do what i told you cause you will get killed for making fire words in your school and what not.
    *principle comes*
    *runs for the hills*
  14. I would say don't do the trick. It is a bit tacky and besides you want here to like you not the cards you deal. So, just be yourself but if you would really like to do a trick you could always do a rose production. That seems more fit.
  15. If you are going to do a trick, DO NOT make it part of the moment where you ask her out. Just don't. Talk to her, do a trick, talk to her some more, then ask her out. Don't try to envision some crafty romantic trick. It would have to, as has been said, be EPIC to work, you would have to have just the right presentation, she would have to be just the right kind of girl, the moment would have to be just right, and a hundred other variables would have to fall into place.

    In other words, I quote from a signature I saw once upon a time -

    "Using magic to get a girl is like trying to catch a fish with a boot."

    I just wouldn't. It doesn't work.
  16. I like the idea of the rose production, but I think that should be reserved for after she says yes. Then after its produced you can say "I'm glad you said yes, 'cause you don't even want to know what I was going to make appear if you said no" then just smile! I say go either way. I don't think she would think performing a modified effect to ask her out is lame unless you perform like it is or you are. Think of it like this... David Copperfield's version of the floating rose would get almost any lady. It's performed slow, deliberately, dramatically and beautifully. That's his style. On the other hand, the creator's (Kevin James) version (with all do respect to Kevin) would no doubt be considered corny, but that's just because of his performance style. So it's up to you young man. Keep in mind though, you can't result to magic for everything, but it can help a little at times too. Peace.
  17. When you're doing a trick, you can easily use it just to get her interested. I've used this many times. However, I never incoporate a part of the trick into asking her out. That's weak and lame.My advice is for you to do an intimate trick, get her thinking "omg he's soo sexyy", man up and ask her out.
  18. Dont do cards.
    And dont make it look like a trick.Make it look something that just happened or play it off with a shrug.
    I would do magic though.Unless she asks,id just ask her out.
  19. Just ask. or always erdanase color change to will you go to prom. My friend did that. and the girl said no... maybe it was just him. or he might have flashed or something
  20. Or make a prediction. be like i wrote a prediction on this card. ask her. and have an out. like a double prediction. one in one pocket, one in another so either way you can do magic

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