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  1. hey everyone,do u guys know that on youtube yesterday dan and dave released a tutorial for their new flourish prequel but when i woke up today it was gone i saw it yesterday and i think it might of been a mistake.
  2. It was not a mistake they released it for a bit then made it private. They later Tweeted they would release it again. That was I'm not sure about today.
  3. They released it today it can be found on there channel.:D
  4. I've watched it a few times already. I'm finally starting to get the hang of it!
  5. First off I think it was called Prequel a few months ago, but D&D changed it to Preqel now. Ok this was just a lame point. Also, Preqel is a flourish, so I reckon this thread should be moved to the Cardistry/Flourishing section, not the Card Magic section.

    Anyway, Preqel was released as a "thank you" flourish tutorial to the fans. In addition, 3 different competitions were issued to the fans that were related to this new flourish. Of which, the prizes of these competitions are seriously godly, I suggest you check out the details here. Oh and drool over them.

    I love this flourish, I've been at it for hours and I have the basics down already. The Buck twins do it at a ridiculously amazing speed within 4 to 5 seconds, while I do it about three times slower... Guess I have work to do!

    To Dan and Dave, thanks for this tutorial! Appreciate it. :)
  6. what is the link to their youtube channel?.
    im new here.

  7. Yes. Go to then look for Preqel upload.
  8. why don't you post that at the cardistry section? -.-

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