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Oct 7, 2018
* A few days ago I came across a post here in this very forum about presentation anxiety. I kept reading through every reply and wrote my own and then thought it is something that many can relate to and almost every deals with at some point or another.
So I decided make my next video on this subject to talk about presentation anxiety and where it comes from and also give some tips on performance and audience management. I do not claim to have covered everything on the matter, so write comments and share your tips on how to deal with presentation anxiety.

* In the same video I teach an original card control move and a simple yet effective card trick. Why? Because the move and the trick I teach are really relevant to the subject. For the card control, your audience management and character is vital, and for the trick, your presentation is determines the scale to which your spectators' mind will be blown. (The mechanics in this trick are as simple as it can get, it's almost self working).

* Finally, I am new to YouTube and posting videos, and your feedback and support mean tons to me as they can help me improve and get better at what I do, but also will give the motivation to carry on working. I see this as an opportunity to connect with like minded people, to share my experience with them, and to learn from them in return.

Anyhow, here are the links:

My video on depression anxiety:

My introductory video:

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