Presenting the Magician's Choice - Suggestions?

Apr 10, 2019
I did a bit of searching, and couldn't find any threads with specifically the info I was looking for - but if anyone else knows of somewhere that goes in-depth on this, let me know.

So I know what Magician's Choice is already - giving the spectator a choice that seems fair, but forcing the decision you want them to make - but what I'm looking for is suggestions on the best ways to present it that don't seem suspicious, especially for a dual-choice scenario. For example, if they don't choose what you want, saying "okay, pick one of these two piles.. okay we'll get rid of that one" is more suspicious than if you say something like "remove one of these piles... okay, now flip over the top card in your hand" if they picked the one you wanted.

There are other ways like, "cover both piles, lift one hand", etc... obviously, using words that don't have much positive/negative connotation (choose, pick, discard) is better - but what are some of the better, more inconspicuous ways you've all presented the magician's choice?

I feel kind of awkward doing a really cool trick that, let's say, uses other cool methods or math or whatever that would be surprising BUT it also needs to use a magician's choice between two options, and then the spectator is like "oh, I know what you did there. My choice didn't matter", and then they lose their wonder or surprise for the rest of the trick. Maybe I'm overthinking it, or assuming too much of non-magicians, but.... suggestions?
May 3, 2018
The only time someone called me out for doing a magician's force is when they saw me do it for three performances. As long as you act confidently, no one will notice anything fishy going on. Especially with only two choices, you don't need to worry about them catching on. Hope this helps!
Jan 2, 2016
What usually works for me is using language that sounds more definitive but are still ambiguous.
So for example, if you have separated the deck into two piles, tell them to hand one to you. This could make it seem like they were handing the one to use for the trick or that they will use the other pile, depending on what you need.
It's sorta hard to explain but that's usually how I use equivoque.
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