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  1. Hey,
    Here is my new effect called Preservation which is a method to accomplish a signed card in a factory sealed deck. The deck is 100% examinable after the new revelation and I repeat NO SLITS!

    The method also allows you to stack a factory sealed deck to perform incredible mentalism or color changing deck routines etc.

    Check it out here

    I'm interested to see how many of you are actually interested, or have knowledge of such methods and want to discuss originality in my route to getting it published.
    (There are no SLITS)

  2. I have some knowledge in this, but they do not look like yours.
  3. I'm not gonna lie, that looked amazing. Especially with the selection ending up in the correct position. I believe the beginning uses PH's vanishing deck principal but I'm not sure. The rest of the effect seemed pretty original.
  4. I have not seen anything quite the same, but you need to make sure it is original so ask around. Very clever, good work
  5. DUDE!!!!!!!!! Dude I love cyril he is my favorite close up magician! I seen him do this a few years ago and was stumped. Wow great job figuring it out. Beautiful. Man I would ask if you were selling it or would trade But I'm not a dousche bag! So excellent, don't reveal it keep to yourself. Unless you were going to unveil it anyway that's a personal choice. I can not say anymore about! Remember always keep them wondering. I almost feel proud...weird
  6. Thanks for all the replies

    Currently doing research with people to determine originality
    but it's difficult when people like Shawn Farquhar and Cyril haven't published it and claim the trick is theirs... So difficult to determine originality
  7. I saw shawn faquhar perform that live. Looked very similar but I don't know the methods to either...
  8. Hey Dude. I'd like to congratulate you on figuring out the method of this beautiful trick. I myself figured out the idea about two months ago and have been playing around with a couple other ideas. Your performance is great and I give you much credit for trying to market yourself and get the idea out there. I would be very cautious though when trying to market the effect. As you said before, Shawn and Cyril have not published it and yet they claim the trick is theirs. The problem with this trick is that the idea and concept has been around for a while. I believe Daniel Madison released a concept very similar to yours in his book 3 called "Boxing M". If you can market it, go for it, but some of the gimmicks used in the effect are also being sold to this day by other artists. In the end though, beautiful job.

    Tyler Chase
  9. I thought it was a good trick, but I'd like to see it in a performance.
    In a routine, I can't see myself using it because it's a lot to carry around for just 1 trick with no reset (unless you like carrying around loads of sealed decks), but maybe someone else will have use for it.

    Also, I don't know how ethical it is to sell an effect that uses another gimmick created by a magician for another trick.
    It's like selling a trick using the M5.
  10. Most likely this effect is going to be sold a a Stacked Deck in a Factory Sealed Box...
  11. So you're just selling the idea of stacking a sealed deck?
    Pm me with details if possible.
  12. I am currently having my trick checkd out by several dealers

    There are currently issues
    1 side says - This trick belongs to Shawn Farquhar, and claims all ownership of any method to acheive this effect

    2 side says - It's fine, you have to publish it first, and you can't determine whether it's the same method or not, and his fault for not publishing.

    So right now in a battle between both sides

    But if I won't be able to release signed card in sealed deck

    The method of how to factory seal a stacked deck will most likely be released instead and you can figure out how to do signed card in sealed deck from there

  13. Try emailing shawn with your method. I'm sure he would tell you if it is the same or not.
  14. i've tried and talk to others about developing similar effects
    he won't reply and is sensitive to anyone creating this effect

    he has also lashed out on a couple of cafe forums

    There are two sides here
    and it's about 50/50 in support of Shawn or disagree

    I for one disagree because he has yet to publish it
  15. I wish this would have happened sooner.
    He recently lectured by me, and I could have talked to him about it.
  16. sure, you could publish it, but it's more of a respect thing. I, for one, would not go around selling other people's products, even if they had not released it yet.
  17. See the thing is how do i know it's no the same method if he has yet to release it.

    Take a levitation for example and someone hasn't released it, why does this stop all others from creating a method...

    What if my method is different, it's hard to say if he doesn't publish it!
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    Just so you know, I spoke to Shawn a while back after I developed the same effect for my show. My method was different than Shawn's and the routine was way different. Shawn asked me not to share my method with the public as he was still competing with it and wished it to remain unknown to the public.
    Cyril stole the effect from Shawn (There's a sad story there)

    Here's what I would do. I would email or call Shawn to get more info (I will pm you his email). Discuss with the effect with him and see what he says. He's a great guy and a great magician. At the end of the day you need to make sure you did the right thing.

    It looked great btw, just needs an original presentation. If you do go further with it, pm me and we can talk about some presentation ideas.


    *also this effect has been around a long time. Ricky Jay does this, George Schindler's "Sealed Surprise" is similar, and Greg Gleason also has this idea. Shawn's is original both in method and presentation to all of these.
  19. i realize that is the case
    but how can i be sure my method is the same as his, without him publishing it.

    The politics here has a large area of gray, and i think it's unethical for Shawn to tell other magicians they can't create an effect.

    On top of that, great creators like Cameron Francis and Rodgers from mental playground have said, The idea has been around for ages, so is Shawn being unethical to those that created it when he says he will publish it after he wins FISM?

    Aside, i did PM shawn at magic cafe forums who has blatantly decided to ignore my PM. So we'll see

    Like Darwin and Wallace, luckily Darwin published his Theory of the Fittest first
  20. hmmm, now you're getting defensive and trying to justify not being patient. Shawn does not have constant internet access and does not spend weeks at a time on the internet. be patient. (He won Fism a long time ago)

    Send him an email directly. You have no reason not to. And he never said you (or anyone else) can't publish new methods. Other methods already exist and have been published. What I am suggesting is to talk to Shawn and find out more information form someone who has already done the research. He might be able to help you with your method or direct you to information that will help or even possibly alert you to a copy of an already published method.
    If his routine is the same, he will definitely ask you to stop using it.

    He's a great guy. Don't be shy.


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