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  1. I'm going to buy the DVD version but I assume it doesn't come with anything except the DVD, so I assume I have to buy some balloons. I just want to make sure this is true.

    Also I get the basics of how it works except how it's inside is beyond me! But would this work with odd shaped objects such as a bottle, pens/pencils, or would it only work with rectangle shaped objects?
  2. You only get the DVD, so IMO why not go with the download and save the shipping? You'll need to get some balloons, wait until you get the DVD / DL because he'll give you the size. If you get smaller balloons you wont be able to fit phones etc in them. Anyway, basically you'll stick to square / rectangular objects. A pencil or bottle wouldnt work, mainly because they'll be too big for a standard balloon, but the shape does matter as well for reasons I cant explain due to exposure. People can feel free to chime in if they've put some odd ball stuff in the balloons, for me Ive never had a need, everyone has a cell phone and 99% of them work perfectly.
    It really is a fantastic effect, you'll enjoy it
  3. Actually while it is a good effect it's not really a "worker" don't get me wrong it is a good thing but i'm sure there is another trick that would prove better.
  4. @WalkingHollow
    Thanks for the input but I know I'm going to use this effect..​

    Thanks for answering and clarifying for me! I guess I will get the Download as I'll just buy some balloons and a couple of items for some other tricks I'm going to do off of Amazon (and I'm on a very small budget) :)

    (I don't know why font went all crazy, I did use Indent but I thought it would still be regular)
  5. Very well i'm just saying the trick is good but it is more of a "science trick" more then a magic trick.
  6. I disagree, I think it is a worker. I've done it at parties with great success. Apples and baseballs work just fine with this effect. If you don't think it's practical just check out a few working pros doing it.




    This is a great effect, it's super visual and impromptu what more do you need to make it a worker? You have to use new balloons every time but balloons are cheap.
  7. The only reason I don't use it more is I don't have any balloons, and i forget to buy them. I've managed to do it with a pretty long TV remote, and a Rubik's cube, but cards and phones work the best.

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