Pressure Fan Improvement needed

Jan 23, 2023
I need some help on my pressure fan. As you can see from the picture, part of it is, well, let's say, kind of OK. But the beginning portion (to the left in the picture) is all bunched up. I can't seem to get those to spread out. Those are the cards that are on the bottom of the deck and are the first ones to appear in the fan. Any advice is welcome. Many thanks!


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Aug 20, 2010
Without a video it hard to tell what you have done. Also because the deck is face up the cards that are not spreading are at that the top of the deck, not the bottom of the deck.

It may be an issue on how you are gripping the deck. I think your index, middle and ring fingers may not be contacting the first few cards at the top of the deck. Which is causing the spread
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