Pressure fans.... My poor cards.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crimson Ace, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just a quick question. I just realized the other day that I never learned how to pressure fan a deck. I should have learned this a while ago. So I want to work at it until I get it. But I noticed that whenever I try to accomplish a pressure fan my cards take a beating. Is this normal when you are starting out? And does it matter which grip you use? I was told to hold the deck the same way that I would a spring. But everyone that I can remember seeing do it didn't hold their grip the way that I do. I spring from the thumb at the corner of the deck. Will that affect my fans? As usual any help would be awesome and appreciated. Thanks guys.
  2. It's great that you've started learning the pressure fan. Anyway, your thumb should be around the middle of the short edge which is closest to you. The problem right now is you are bending the deck a bit too much. Right now it is fine but once you get the hang of it, try with less pressure. It also depends on what cards you are using. If they are worn out, it will be harder and you will bend the cards more. If they are newer, it will be easier to do.

    The other important tip is to practice. Your pressure fan may take a while to get even and consistently even.

    Hope this makes sense. Just ask if you don't understand anything.
  3. Practicing it does ruin cards. I went through about 3 decks learning the move.
  4. It took me almost a year until I could do it consistently "really good" every time and not even have to think twice about it. I like using cards that have the broken in feeling....not brand new or they slip and slide everywhere. Your grip will be pretty darn close to how it is on a spring (thumb in the middle of the deck, not on a corner) Are you thinking dribbling perhaps? That is where my thumb is on the corner. Practice Practice Practice...every day when you have cards in your hand. Even when you are just sitting watching TV.
  5. Thanks for your help and advice. I picked up Calen Morelli's Clench download so I wanna get that going. Hence the pressure fan. I have noticed that my fans are starting out somewhat okay. But about halfway through they are getting way close to my palm and snagging. So i'm trying to fix that.
  6. Actually I spring and dribble from the corner. It's something that I picked up from a Virts video. I just prefer it because I feel like I have more directional and consistency control. But that's just my preference. And i'm way ahead of you on that one. I always have cards with me. So I get a lot of chances to work on stuff. It's actually become somewhat relaxing for me. I tend to shuffle cards or do color changes when i'm trying to think. And I guess that getting this down for Halloween might not happen.
  7. Hopefully I wont have to ruin more than that. I'm not a big fan of destroying decks. I'm just weird like that. Hahaha

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