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  1. I haven't bought magic in a while, but I've been eying Pressure for a while and when I received it I was ecstatic. I wanted to find a trick that could really get me back into performing. I'm a little rusty and needed something of minimal difficulty but maximum results. And boy does Pressure meet those expectations. As I watched the preview video I was legitimately blown away. I felt like a spectator again. I was taken aback at how incredibly visual the effect was. You literally see the phone go into the balloon. Like... seriously... what the hell?

    As I watched it with a balloon in my hand and my cell phone in the other I was intent on learning the secret. And then it came. And I was just as blown away at the workings of the effect as the effect itself. It is so damn simple and effective that it is up there with the best of the best. So I watched, and watched, and watched until it was over. Still staring at the screen I did the trick for the first time. Even staring at my own hands was incredible. I am still baffled, it still looks so visual. My cell phone WENT THROUGH A F***** BALLOON!

    As for the method itself, it's so incredibly easy and self working. And on top of all that it is impromptu providing you have a balloon. This effect would be absolutely wonderful for backyard birthday parties where there are a few balloons lying around that you can pick up. It's so rare to have an effect that has everything a magician wants. Impromptu, visual, and super easy. It's a rare gem that will be in my routine for years to come.

    Pick it up... NOW

  2. I agree, it is a great effect.
  3. I reccomend you contact Christopher Lyle on the Magiccafe. He has a great variation on the effect, its all in the spectators hand! gives a lot of nice tips on the " move" ect.,
    nice of him to give out the video for free to preassure purchasers.

  4. I felt the same way,i cracked my head tryng to figure it out, an it was soo ****ing simple....
  5. There is 5 balloons in the PRESSURE DVD box,isn't it?
  6. I didn't get any balloons when I got my DVD.
  7. No. I think you mean the Sankey effect.

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